The Skills Training Division provides educational opportunities for all adults, regardless of prior educational attainment. Programs in the Skills Training Division do not carry college credit, but often help students to obtain industry certification.

CDL Truck Driving

The CDL truck driving program at Northeast Alabama Community College will prepare you to safely and effectively operate a tractor trailer and pass the commercial driver’s license (CDL) exam.

  • Week day courses are Monday - Thursday, 3 weeks - 7:30am to 5pm, subject to change

Third Party Testing applications now available.

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Exams are scheduled with Third-party examiner and seating is limited. Your online application is required in advance of test eligibility. Failure to complete application requirements will result in delay of testing opportunity.

Fall 2023 Introductory Courses

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Heavy Equipment Operator

Week 1,  Monday - Friday, October 2 - 6, 2023

Time: 3 PM to 7 PM Location: Industry Training Center, Room 110

Week 3, Monday- Friday October 16 - 20, 2023

Time: 8 AM to 4:30 PM Location: Lambert Construction

$25 fee due at registration

Introduction to HVAC 

Date: Wednesdays only, October 4 - December 13, 2023

Time: 4 PM to 8 PM

Location: NACC Industry Training Building, Room 101

$25 fee due at registration

Introduction to Plumbing

Date:  Tuesdays only, October 3 - December 12, 2023

Time: 4 PM to 8 PM

Location: NACC Industry Training Building, Room 101

 $25 fee due at registration

    Diversified Health Occupations

    In today's economy, having a "plan B" or something to fall back on is a good idea. This program gives you that "plan B" as well as plans C and D, if you want them. Diversified Health Occupations (DHO) is a year long program that will prepare you for an exciting career in the growing health care industry. In fact, this program will not only provide you with the knowledge, skills, and abilities you need to get one type of job; it will provide you with everything you need to get a job in three rapidly growing health care fields. You will receive training in three key areas: Phlebotomy Technician, Pharmacy Technician and Medical Office Basics which includes additional fundamental studies in medical terminology, math, Spanish, and workplace readiness will prepare you to be a skillful employee with a solid foundation in healthcare. In only one year you can receive training and become eligible for certification as Phlebotomy Technician and Pharmacy Technician.

    Next Opportunity:

    • Pharmacy Technician September 18, 2023 (Register below)
    • Phlebotomy Technician September 12, 2023 (Register below)
    • Medical Office Basics Suite (online 24/7 Ed2go)

    Medication Aide

    This hybrid course is designed to prepare you to assume the role and responsibilities of the medication aide. The role and scope of work of the medication aide are emphasized through basic competencies, procedures, and supporting techniques. Medication aides can work in a variety of settings. This training conveys the knowledge and skills to safely provide or assist another person with his or her medications. The course totals 100 hours of mandatory training to be eligible for the MACE, National Medication Aide Certification Exam. For more information about certification provided with successful completion of training.

    Next Opportunity: Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays, New Schedule for Fall 2023, Coming Soon

    Fall 2023 Tuesdays, in-person at main campus from 9 am to 12 pm, Wednesdays and Thursdays will be virtual class meetings via Canvas, hybrid schedule.

    Fall 2023 Clinical Schedule 40-hours (required). Weekdays , 7 am to 3:30 pm at third-party clinical site. More specific schedule given with successful completion of theory and lab.

    Costs: Tuition - $750 - Books - $115 - Insurance - $20 - Background Check - $20, Subject to change

    Deadline to register: TBA 

    Nursing Assistant

    The nursing assistant program at NACC prepares students to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA). This program requires classroom work, lab practice, and an internship. It does not offer college credit and will not lead toward a college degree. Participants must be 16 year of age or older and show proof of a negative TB skin test prior to clinical training. Additional requirements may apply.

    CNAs provide basic patient care under the direction of nursing staff. Duties may include bathing, grooming and feeding patients, as well as checking vital signs and changing linens. Nursing assistants help care for individuals confined to hospitals, nursing care facilities, and mental health settings. Persons who are interested in, and suited for, this work have excellent job opportunities.

    Next Opportunity: Fall 2023, Contact for details

    Total cost: $785, includes tuition, book, fees and AL Nurse Aide Registry Exam

    Deadline to confirm: To be determined
    Location: NACC Main Campus, Health Education Building

    Patient Care Technician

    The Patient Care Technician program prepares you for a rewarding career in the healthcare industry. This certificate provides training and opportunity for certification in Nursing Assistant, EKG/Cardiovascular Technician, and Phlebotomy Technician, as well as general studies in Spanish for Healthcare, Math for Healthcare, Medical Terminology, and Workplace Readiness.

    This program is designed to give you multiple pathways to employment in the healthcare field. Upon completion of the program, you will be eligible to take certification exams for Nursing Assistant, EKG Technician, and Phlebotomy Technician. This program does not offer college credit and will not lead to a college degree. This program is open to students 18 years of age or older. Some certification agencies require a high school diploma or GED.
    Contact the Skills Training Office for more details.

    Next Opportunity:

    Pharmacy Technician 

    The Pharmacy Technician program at Northeast prepares you for a fast growing and rewarding career as a pharmacy technician. Pharmacy technicians assist licensed pharmacists in providing medication and other healthcare products to patients. Technicians are trained to perform routine tasks in preparing prescription medication and customer service.

    The course duration is 8 weeks with classes meeting two nights a week. Includes remote learning. Upon successful completion of this program students will be eligible for national certification examination and state licensure. Certification information Pharmacy Technician Certification Board This program is open to students 18 years of age or older. A student must have a high school diploma or GED to apply for certification.

    Next Opportunity: October 9 - November 20, 2023 - Mondays & Wednesdays, 5pm - 9pm. Hybrid schedule, Mondays sessions will be in-person and Wednesday sessions will be remote. 

    Deadline to confirm registeration - 1 week prior to start Click Here to Enroll

    Tuition and fees total: $1,200.00, includes materials. This program is WIOA Eligible. To seek assistance please contact the Alabama Career Center near you. 

    Phlebotomy Technician 

    The Phlebotomy Technician program at NACC prepares you for a rewarding career in healthcare. Phlebotomy technicians work under the supervision of medical laboratory technologists or laboratory managers and may be employed throughout the healthcare system. Training includes classroom instruction, lab and clinical studies - experience that places you side-by-side with a seasoned phlebotomist or lab technician for real-life experience. Classes meet 8 weeks. Clinical studies follow over the next several weeks and are scheduled outside of class time. Upon successful completion, you may apply for national certification. While many employers do not require certification as a phlebotomy technician, your commitment to attaining that certification may provide you the advantage in the job market.

    Next Opportunity: Tuesday, September 12, 2023   Click here to Enroll 

    Time: 6pm - 9:30pm subject to change. Clinical schedules to be determined during training.

    Total cost: $625, costs not included for books, clinical requirements.
    Additional fees can total up to $400.

    Online Training Programs

    A variety of online, non-credit training programs are offered through outside vendors. Registration is always open and training is available 24/7.

    Education To Go (Ed2go)

    Through Ed2Go, NACC offers hundreds of engaging online courses for adults, covering every topic from Anatomy to Web Design. Each course comes equipped with a patient and caring instructor, lively discussions with your fellow students, and plenty of practical information that you can put to immediate use. Our faculty includes some of the most well-known and trusted names in online education, and our dedication to customer service is second to none.

    You can take all of our courses from the comfort of your home or office at the times that are most convenient to you. A new section of each course starts monthly. All courses run for six to eight weeks and are composed of 12 lessons, representing 24 hours of instruction. You can ask questions and give or receive advice at any time during the course. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to download a certificate of completion. Please allow 3-5 business days to process your registration.

    View more information on Ed2Go courses.

    JER Online Courses

    JER Online is a specialized workforce and professional training partner that provides more than one thousand affordable, non-credit courses and programs. Participants who enroll in JER Online courses are either employees of a company, consultants and freelancers or anyone seeking new career choices. All have an interest in mastering a particular subject. Start anytime or on a fixed time schedule and access your course anytime from anywhere for fast completion. Please allow 3-5 business days to process your registration.

    View more information on JER Online Courses.


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