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Northeast Alabama Community College, RC&D Councils host Military and Veterans Workshop

February 28, 2023

Speaker Nathaniel Ledbetter, Dr. David Campbell, ACCS Board Member Dus Rogers, and members of Alabama RC and D are pictured here.

Northeast Alabama Community College (NACC) recently hosted a Veterans Career and College Workshop, sponsored by the Alabama Community College System (ACCS) and the Alabama Association of Resource, Conservation, and Development (RC&D) organization. The intent of the workshop was to help veterans become aware of college benefits they are entitled to and the process of being admitted to and completing a college program. 

Industry representatives also participated in the workshop to explain what job opportunities are currently available and which career paths can lead to jobs. Included in the companies participating at NACC were Nucor and Boeing. Engineering Research and Consulting, Inc. also spoke to event attendees.

The workshop was part of a program sponsored by a partnership with the ACCS and the Alabama Association of Resource, Conservation, and Development Councils to assist veterans in the state. Speaker of the Alabama House Representative House Nathaniel Ledbetter at the workshop presented RC&D leaders with grant funding to assist them in the project.

The Alabama Association of RC&D is a non-profit organization made up of volunteers who identify unmet needs in their communities and create solutions. There are nine RC&D Councils in Alabama, and the leadership and integrity of the volunteer leaders has made RC&D one of the most successful delivery systems for local needs in the state.  House Speaker Nathaniel Ledbetter praised the local RC&D, the community college system, NACC, industry leaders who participated, and local career centers, and the National Guard for their work in organizing the workshop.

Dr. David Campbell thanked the NACC staff for their participation. Staff members presented information on (Andrea Shepard) on "How to Enroll" and "Application Deadlines"; (Holly Williams) "Career programs and Majors" and "Career Services";  (Juliah Sanford) "Tutoring and Student Success"; (Brenda Hernandez and Jennifer Brown) and on "Financial Aid and Scholarships and the GI Bill" and Dean Kerry Wright on "Apprenticeships, Work Based Learning, and MAPS" and "College Credit for Military Experience."

Kip Williamson, Financial Aid Director at NACC, and his staff organized the event. “We were excited to be able to put on this event,” said Williamson. “There are so many services available for our military community and their family both educationally and in the job market.  We were just glad to have a venue where we could share the information with the community.  We would love to see this become a yearly event.  Our military community is such an important part of what we are trying to do here at NACC. 

Two scholarships were given away at the workshop - one by RC&D ($2,000) through NACC and one by Google through NACC ($1,000).

"I want to thank Mr. Williamson and our staff for the expertise they each demonstrated in conveying this information to veterans and others at the workshop,"  stated NACC President Dr. David Campbell.  "It was all for a great cause - helping veterans know what is available to they and their families for their service to the country and our people."


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