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NACC Spotlight: Office Administration Students

May 10, 2023

Pictured above are OAD students Rachel Brown, Alex Mascorro, Yasmin Socop, and Fanni Tellez.

Northeast Alabama Community College (NACC) offers students of all ages, backgrounds, and life experiences an opportunity to succeed. NACC’s course scheduling allows students to take courses after work hours, completely online, or to utilize a “hybrid” schedule with both in-person and online classes. Northeast instructors also ensure that each student receives the support and attention they need to succeed.

NACC’s Office Administration (OAD) program offers students many opportunities when entering the workforce or changing careers. After completing this program, students will earn an Associate in Applied Science degree in Office Administration, Office Administration Medical Office Option, or Office Administration Paralegal Option.

The program is designed for students who are interested in working as an administrative assistant, office manager, or any level of secretarial and clerical support in a modern office setting. Students will study Microsoft Office applications and other communication technologies. All class options are flexible and fit nearly every schedule. Because the core skills students develop are portable and applicable in many settings, employment opportunities are always available.

Recent graduates of the OAD program are now thriving in their work environments. Those students are Rachel Brown, Alex Mascorro, Yasmin Socop, and Fanni Tellez. These students each have remarkable stories about how NACC helped inspire them to change their futures.

Rachel Brown says she chose Northeast for a couple of reasons: proximity to home and the option of a flexible schedule. This allowed her to continue working and made it easier to care for her daughter while continuing her education. When asked why she chose the OAD program, she said, “I chose this program because I was not entirely sure what path I wanted to take. I knew I wanted to be in an office setting, and this degree would allow me to expand my capabilities and make me more marketable to employers.” The courses helped her increase her typing speed and taught her programs like Microsoft Office and Google Suite. She also learned business etiquette and proper writing skills. Rachel says she wanted to show her daughter the importance of “following through”, so she completed her degree!

Overall, Rachel says her experience at Northeast was very positive. As a non-traditional student, she felt supported by faculty and staff members. Rachel took as many online classes as possible so she could manage a balance between work, home, and school. “I would advise anyone considering the OAD program at NACC to take the chance and do it! The Advisors and Instructors want you to succeed and will celebrate every victory with you,” said Rachel.

Fanni Tellez says she knew immediately that NACC was the place for her. “I started college after completing my GED at NACC, and I knew I wanted to enter the Business field. Office Administration was the best field for me, as it has opened many doors,” said Fanni. For her, Northeast’s supportive instructors made a big difference. “My classes prepared me for my latest Interview for the job I now have. I have had wonderful instructors, and I cannot thank them enough for all of their teachings, and the change they made in my life.” Fanni also says she uses the knowledge she gained in OAD classes daily, from sending emails to delivering financial reports. Her children inspired her to go back to school. Like Rachel, Fanni wished to lead her children by example in completing her degree. Being a full-time mother, wife, employee, and student wasn’t easy, but she made it happen. She says, “Focus on your goals! I guarantee that it will be worth it in the end.”

From a young age, Yasmin Socop wanted to work in an office environment. She knew NACC’s OAD program was the choice for her! She also says former NACC students spoke so positively about the college, influencing her decision to attend. “I took a year off from college to work and save money. The job I had was very physically demanding and took its toll on me. The reason I’m in college is because I want to get ahead in life. One way to do that is to pursue higher education,” says Yasmin. She is now applying what she learned in OAD classes to her current job, creating spreadsheets and answering questions from customers. When asked what advice she’d give to future students, Yasmin says, “Be prepared to multitask; be ready to take a lot of notes; and never be scared to ask questions.” Another nontraditional student, Yasmin speaks to that specific challenge, “Being a "nontraditional" student is not for the weak. I'm often tired and always on the go. When I do have time off, I’m just wondering if I forgot to do an assignment. Despite all this, I would like to encourage other adults to go back and get their education. It does pay off, and it’s truly never too late.”

She says her advisor and instructor Ms. Amy LaCount was instrumental in helping her succeed. “My instructor/advisor has always been very understanding and honest with me. She has prepared me for my role by speaking of her past experiences and letting me know what to expect in an office environment.” Yasmin also encourages students to envision the future and to always keep that in mind when prioritizing college courses.

Alex Mascorro says her experience of being a nontraditional student at NACC has been bittersweet. “I felt like a freshman in high school having to start over. I had to remember the important things I learned in school and try to keep up with technology. I recommend adults go back to school. It's never too late to go to school!”

Alex finds balance in time management. “Time management is difficult, but not impossible. I am a wife, mother, student, and full-time employee. I try to use my time effectively without disturbing my family or work. A typical day for me is coming home from work in the evening, taking care of my family, and finishing school at night,” she says. She also notes she likes to study at night when her family goes to bed. Speaking of her family, Alex says they encouraged her to go back to school, “I wanted to be the first graduate in my family, so if I had the chance to stay in school, I wouldn't take it for granted. I want my family to be proud of me, and I wanted to be a role model for them.”

Like the previous students, Alex is now applying the knowledge she gained in the OAD program in her career. “Every function of my current role has been impacted by my classes and instructors. Ms. LaCount helped mentor, advise, and prepare me for the workforce. I am now using these skills on a daily basis.”

If you are interested in pursuing a degree in Office Administration, contact Amy LaCount at or call 256-638-4418 ext. 2269 for more information.


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