Parking Permits

Parking permits are free and do NOT expire. Parking permits will be issued to students, faculty, and staff in the Admissions Office, SC 115. Student parking permits are issued at the beginning of the semester.

Rhiannan Newsome
Admissions Assistant
Phone ext 2224
Room SC 115
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

Parking/Vehicle Registration/Traffic Regulations

Parking lots are shown on the Campus Map.

  1. All students will park in the areas designated for student parking. Students are not permitted to sit in parked cars or to play loud music between classes and during social events. Students are not permitted to park in red, blue, yellow or other restricted areas, or in the reserved parking spaces in front of the Pendley Administration Building. Only cars with an official decal are allowed in the handicapped parking spaces designated with blue curbs. Individuals with temporary disabilities should check with the Campus Police.
    • White or unpainted curb = Student Parking
    • Red curb = Employee Parking
    • Blue curb = Handicapped Parking
    • Yellow curb = No Parking
  2. Any student who drives a car or motor-driven cycle on campus must register it and obtain a parking permit from the Admissions Office. These permits are issued to students free of charge. The permit should be placed on the student’s vehicle as directed.
  3. Parking and traffic violations will be ticketed. Students receiving parking or traffic tickets will pay the Business Office cashier (WA 122) within 72 hours. Fines will double after 72 hours.
  4. Trucks larger than pickups are not allowed to park in front of the administration buildings or to use angle parking anywhere on campus. Tail gates must be up on all trucks parked on campus. It is illegal to back in and park on angle parking.
  5. One-way streets are marked. Driving in the wrong direction on these streets is a moving violation.
  6. Students driving unregistered vehicles will park off campus. Visitors will park in the area designated for “Visitor Parking.” Visitors of students will park in any unrestricted area and come to the Campus Police to get a visitor’s pass.
  7. Each semester a student is given a fine of $5.00 for the first violation on all nonmoving violations, $10.00 for the second, and $15.00 for the third.
  8. The speed limit on all campus streets is 15 miles per hour. Speeding, reckless driving, running stop signs, and driving in the wrong direction are moving violations. The fine for moving violations is $10.00.
  9. Students will clear the campus within a reasonable time after classes and all other activities are over. This does not include students using the library; however, these students must remain in the library.
  10. Traffic and parking regulations for the campus are conspicuously posted and made available at least thirty (30) days prior to their enforcement.
  11. Individuals assessed parking and traffic fees can appeal their fee assessments and have their appeals heard within thirty (30) days by a standing traffic and parking committee appointed by the president. This committee will consist of the Police Chief, the Dean of Administrative Services, and the Dean of Student Services.

Full policies of Northeast Alabama Community College are published in the Faculty and Staff Handbook (employment policies), or the Catalog (academic and student policies), or can be obtained from the Office of the President. While this website attempts to present information accurately, it does not constitute the complete statement of policies of Northeast Alabama Community College. Contents are subject to change without notice.


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