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Angela Stewart
Administrative Assistant to Dean of Instruction
Phone: 2240
Office: PA 121

NACC ALERT is a mass notification system that sends emergency messages by email, voice and text messaging to thousands of individuals in minutes. It supplements existing means of emergency communication, including the indoor/outdoor intercom system located in and around campus buildings.

NACC faculty, staff, and students can subscribe to alerts via three methods: voice messages to multiple phone numbers (mobile or other); text messages to multiple cell phone numbers; and email messages to multiple email addresses. (See How to Register.) Active NACC email addresses are pre-populated in the system and cannot be removed. Emergency messages are sent via a system provided by High Ground Solutions/CollegeCast. NACC ALERT will be used in conjunction with other campus communication tools.

To register for NACC Alert you must be a Faculty or Staff member or a registered student at NACC. New users are added only after the end of late registration (drop/add period). New users will receive an email delivered to their NACC email account with a username and password and detailed instructions on how to access their account dashboard.

All faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to sign up. Only NACC faculty, staff, and students who have a valid NACC user account are able to sign up to receive text, voice and email message alerts. You will need to use your User ID and Password that will be sent to you in your NACC email account to log-in to your dashboard and update your information. Any contact information you provide will only be used for emergency notifications and will not be shared.

The system will only be used to distribute information regarding emergencies that dictate immediate action or to convey critical, time-sensitive information. Examples include severe weather (tornado warnings or other significant weather events), building evacuations, events requiring lock-down or shelter-in-place, or other emergencies requiring immediate action. The message will direct you where to go for further information or what action to take. Following a warning, the alert system may be used to provide additional messages or an “all-clear” announcement.

NACC Alert is a hosted and managed system. You will not need special hardware or software to receive messages. It is a multi-modal service that can disseminate emergency messages through:

SMS text messages: Faculty, staff, and students may register multiple cell phone numbers for receiving SMS text messages through NACC Alert. Cell phone numbers registered for text messaging will also receive voice message alerts.

Voice messages: Faculty, staff, and students may register multiple phone numbers (cell or other) with NACC Alert. Voice messages will be sent to these phone numbers.

Email: An alert message will be sent to your official campus email address. You can also specify additional off-campus email addresses for receiving these alerts.

Messages from NACC Alert can be recognized:

SMS text messages: Text messages will begin with “(Schoolcast):” and come from “32075.”

Voice messages: The phone number you will see in your caller ID will be 256-638-4418. You should program this number into your phone so you will immediately recognize it as an urgent call.

Email: emails sent from NACC Alert will come from “Northeast Alabama Community College” (

How To Register:

1.) You will receive an email with instructions in your NACC email after the end of late registration period the first time you register. If you do not activate your account immediately, do not delete the email because you will need this information.

2.) Go to and insert your CollegeCast User ID and Password as shown in the email.

3.) The first time you log in you'll be required to change your password. Once you have done this you'll move into the data entry section.

4.) Where the screen shows "Contact Type," click on the drop down box and select the type of device you wish to use. Insert the phone number or email address and hit Add. Do this for each device you wish to have notified in the event of an emergency. If you choose Cell Phone, please make sure you enter a cell number and not a landline number. The system cannot text a landline and you may not be notified properly.
The first phone number you list is considered the top priority number, and will receive voice/text message alerts first.

5.) If you are inputting a cell phone number you can mark if you wish to receive a text and/or voice message. If you do not have text messaging on your phone, make sure to mark NO under "Text Messaging."

6.)Please do not select “Emergency Only” beside the text message field. Not all alerts are sent as an emergency and you Will Not receive the alert if you select it.

7.) Once you have added all of the email addresses and phone numbers that you want, simply hit Logout.

It is up to you to keep your information accurate and up to date.

You can log into NACC Alert any time to update or delete your contact information (but you cannot delete your official campus email address). If your phone number or alternate email address changes, it is very important that you update this information with NACC Alert to ensure you continue to receive alerts through the system.

NACC does not charge faculty, staff, or students for the NACC Alert service. If you do not have a text messaging contract as part of your cellular service, there may be a small charge for any text messages that you receive. You should check with your cell phone carrier to determine what these costs may be.

How To Retrieve A Forgotten Password:

To retrieve a forgotten password, the User simply goes to and clicks on the selection: “Forgot my Password.”
From there the User will need to enter User Name and click on Reset Password. SchoolCast will RESET that User’s password and send an email to his/her NACC Account containing this “Temporary Password.”

After receiving that email, the User should return to the site and enter User Name and the newly-provided “Temporary Password” to gain entry to SchoolCast, where the User will be prompted to change the “Temporary Password” to a new one.

For More Information:

For technical assistance with logging into the system or questions about NACC ALERT, please contact or phone ext. *2240.

Weather events are also announced on broadcast stations listed in the Weather Policy.


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