Mu Alpha Theta
Mathematics Honor Society

2021-22 NACC Mu Alpha Theta officers

Micah Keim, Will Keller, Olivia Tucker (President), Jessica Burton, Ana Fernandez-Garcia
2022-2023 Officers
Office: MT 230
Phone: 256-638-4418, ext. 2262
National Mu Alpha Theta

NACC Mu Alpha Theta Sponsors:

Milah Breland
Instructor of Mathematics
Phone ext: 2262, Office: MT 232,

John Camp
Instructor of Mathematics
Phone ext: 2370, Office: MT233,

Thomas Frost
Instructor of Mathematics
Phone ext. 2263, Office: MT231,

Mu Alpha Theta is an honorary society for students who are mathematics majors or for students who are interested in mathematics. Requirements for membership are:

  1. Completion of MTH 112 Precalculus Algebra or a higher level mathematics course; and
  2. A 3.0 GPA overall in all two year college mathematics courses at or above the MTH112 Precalculus Algebra level; and
  3. Pursuing a higher level mathematics course, that is one above the MTH 112 Precalculus Algebra level.

Mu Alpha Theta coordinates a variety of campus and service projects throughout the year. The purpose of the club is to promote the study of mathematics.

Check the calendar of events for specific dates and times.

Fall Events

  • October – Fall meeting and induction for new members in room MT119
  • October – Mustang 5K run/walk sponsored by First Southern State Bank
  • December – Visiting residents at Crowne Health Care

Spring Events

  • Spring meeting and induction for new members in room MT119.
  • Join us for 3.14 Pi Day events in the Math, Science, Engineering, and Technology lobby. Events include the pi symbol search, unit circle race, pi digits memorization, and m&m guessing jars.
  • An application packet for the Summer Mu Alpha Theta scholarship may be picked up from the bulletin board across from the Mu Alpha Theta office, MT230, in February. All current members are encouraged to apply!
  • Mu Alpha Theta officer forms for the upcoming year may be picked up from the bulletin board across from the Mu Alpha Theta office, MT230, in February.


Recycling Project – Mu Alpha Theta invites you to recycle used printer cartridges and cell phones*. Bring them to Mu Alpha Theta Recycling Center in the Math, Science, Engineering, and Technology Center hallway outside the MT123 Math Zone lab. Proceeds are used for math scholarships for area students.

*Donors, please clear the memory on your cell phone of any private information before donating. Also ensure that the service on the donated phone has been disconnected to prevent fraudulent use. MAθ will not be responsible for any information left stored in the memories of phones donated or for their fraudulent use.

Shadowing Project (since 2012) – Any student who is an education major has the opportunity to observe (or shadow) the teaching process in a personal way by working alongside a current mathematics tutor. For example, as the mathematics tutor provides individual instruction to a student, the education major will observe the teaching-learning process. Any current student majoring in education (K-12) may participate in the program.


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