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The mission of Northeast Alabama Community College is to provide accessible quality educational opportunities, promote economic growth, and enhance the quality of life for the people of Alabama.

Creating a Consistent Image

By ensuring that the same logo formats, fonts, colors, etc. are used across all mediums, we can be assured that anyone who sees anything produced by NACC will be shown a consistent representation of the institution. An organization’s brand is one of its most valuable assets. Once members of an organization become familiar with the branding guidelines, it is easy to implement them into everyday tasks and requires little effort. This minimal effort returns considerable dividends:

  • A professional appearance
  • Guesswork is eliminated from the “Does this look good?” decision making process
  • Document creation becomes faster and more efficient
  • It becomes easier for NACC personnel to share documents or information, as formatting or presentation don’t have to be altered
  • Prospective students are able to easily relate NACC marketing or correspondence with NACC itself, instead of materials getting lost in a sea of communications from other institutions

It is not by chance or accident that organizations that have mastered the art of using branding to communicate with individuals in a consistent manner have become some of the most prominent and successful organizations of our time. By following the steps outlined in this document, NACC staff & faculty can successfully communicate with each other and students in a manner that has been proven to get positive results.


The NACC logo identity consists of a mustang, college name, and arrow. How we use our logo is crucial in keeping its visual meaning and identity intact. The following formats are the only acceptable uses for our full color/black and white logo options when used on a light or dark-colored background.

Full Color
Light backgrounds only

Full Color
Dark backgrounds only

Elements & Icons

The logo’s three elements can be used separately and together in the following ways:

  • The arrow may be used on its own.
  • The mustang and college name may be used without the arrow.
  • The college name may be used without the mustang or arrow

Download NACC's Brand Guidelines.


Alumni & Giving

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NACC has been dedicated to serving the community through excellence in education since 1965. As a community college, we are a firm foundation for our students.