Employee Handbook

The Employee Handbook is compiled and maintained by the Office of Human Resources with the cooperation and assistance of each administrative, curricular, and educational support office. We hope you find the Handbook a useful source of information. Questions, comments, and suggestions can be directed to Ms. Lynde Wheeler, Human Resources Director, at

Policies and procedures are regularly reviewed and revised. The College reserves the right to change any statement, policy, or procedure herein as well as to establish new policies and procedures without prior notice. Such changes become effective as of the date of their enactment unless otherwise specified within the action itself. Any changes in federal or state law or to the policies of the Alabama Community College System Board of Trustees affecting the contents of this publication will automatically supersede or otherwise modify the contents herein. The Employee Handbook does not establish contractual relationships.

Efforts have been made to present information, policies, and procedures accurate at the time of publication. No responsibility is assumed for typographical, editorial, printing, or online posting errors. Individuals or entities outside the realm of Northeast Alabama Community College who wish to use material from this publication may submit a request to the Human Resources Director.

Employee Handbook (published April 2020/updated November 2023)


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