Continuity Tools

If the need arises that you need to be able to work from home, there are tools to ensure that you can continue to perform your job with ease. Online meetings can be held, files can be accessed and stored online via Oficce365 OneDrive, share your computer screen with colleagues, make audio calls via your computer, and more!

Instructional Continuity at NACC


Canvas Login

If instructors or students are unable to come to campus or if the campus is closed for unforeseen reasons, how they can best maintain participation in classes.



There are several options to access your email:

NACC webpage or direct link

Outlook for iOS and Android:

To setup NACC email on a mobile device


Information at

Login at

Microsoft Teams

How to access the Online Meeting Calendar

Collaboration for individual & group chat, audio, video, and screen sharing

Available for faculty, staff, and students for desktop, mobile, and via a web browser

Information at


Personal Cloud Storage service used to share documents with faculty, staff, students and non-NACC individuals. The service can be used to store documents that contain up to Level 2 data, but should not be used for documents that contain Level 1 data (Personal Identifiable Information (PII)).

Campus Policies and definition of Personally Identifiable Information can be found at and

Voicemail for Campus Phones

Information at

How to check voicemail from an off-campus telephone

Online Tutoring

Schedule your online tutoring session in AdvisorTrac at least one hour before the scheduled appointment time. Then, log into Canvas and click on the Tutoring course a few minutes before your online tutoring appointment for further instructions and guidance.

Online Tutoring How-to video

ETS Helpdesk


  • Web & video conferencing
  • Remote Support Request ETS will be available to offer assistance via the "HELP ME" link (see below),
  • Picture of TeamViewer

NACC Mobile App

  • Available for free download from at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

NACC Phone System

Voicemail can be retrieved from an external/internal phone by:

Option #1

Voicemail can be retrieved from an external/internal phone by:

  1. Dialing one's own ext
  2. Pressing * during the VM greeting to log into current VM box

Option #2

  1. Dialing the NACC at (256) 2288-6001 or (256) 638-4418
  2. Dialing the voice mail access ext (default is x899),
  3. Answering the prompt for the ext number
  4. Answering the prompt for the numeric (voice mail) password

How to forward NACC phone(This can only be done from on-campus) otherwise, email to request help.

If you want to forward your office phone to another phone like a cell phone, home phone, or a phone at another location, use a Call Rule. (This is only accessible from on-campus)

  1. Using the Switchvox web-based client, login in with your extension and voice mail password and then click on Features and then Call Rules.
  2. Once in Call Rules, click on Create Call Rule Set in the upper left hand corner and name it Call Forwarding to xxx. It is most common to forward calls to your cell phone. Leave the Rule Set Time Frame and Rule Set Status with their default settings and then click on Save Call Rule Set.
  3. Next, click on the pencil icon under Actions for the new call rule.
  4. Then, click on Create Action in the upper left hand corner.
  5. Then, click on Call Cascade and select the type of call, Direct Calls, Number to forward to, and be sure to include the number "9", and then enter the phone number as you would normally dial it.
  6. Then, select how many rings you want your office phone to ring before the calls get forwarded, and change Attempt to preserve Caller ID to "Yes".
  7. Call rules work from the top down so set this new rule as the first one when you want to use it or you can also keep it as the first one and disable it when you do not want to use it. Just click on the Disable icon (the red circle with a line through it.)

Important! Be sure to test to verify your new call rule is working as desired and make any changes as needed. If you need additional help, email

Grab & Go Program

  • Laptops will be provided to faculty and staff who do not have access to a computer from home. Contact ETS helpdesk at

Set These Up to Prepare to Work Remotely

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Administrators and pertinent staff can be given access to the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service for connecting to the NACC network from remote locations. NACC’s VPN enables campus users to send and receive data across a public network as if their device is directly connected to the campus network. Besides being required to access some sites, it is recommended for accessing campus resources from public networks.

Cisco AnyConnect software is available by emailing a request to Patricia Falk, Technology Director at


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