Campus Police

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Van McAlpin, 
Police Chief
Phone: 2249
Office: SC 102

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David Snay, 
Police Officer
Phone: 2449
Office: SC 102

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Danny Miller
Police Officer
Part -Time

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Norman Smith
Police Officer

Norman Smith

Greg Works
Police Officer

NACC Campus Police

Northeast Alabama Community College is committed to providing a safe and secure learning and working environment. To ensure the safety and security of the campus and its constituents, NACC established a Campus Police Office. This office allows the college to fulfill Mission Goal 10, "Provision for and maintenance of a physical plant with instructional facilities and technology which provide a safe learning environment and are suitable for all the institution's programs and services." The main objective of the NACC Campus Police is to safeguard students, personnel, property and authorized visitors; equipment, and buildings. Each officer is licensed and has full arrest powers under the State of Alabama.

Issuing Timely Warnings to Campus Community

In the event that a situation arises either on campus or in the immediate area of campus that in the judgment of the President constitutes an ongoing or continuing threat, a campus wide “timely warning” will be issued without delay. The warning will be issued through SchoolCast - a rapid, multiplatform (email, text, and phone) message delivery system - and/or over the college public address system. The information provided will address the status of the College and actions, if any, that need to be taken by students or employees for safety purposes.

Intervention and Referral Request Form

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How to Report a Crime or Emergency Situation

Orientation sessions address campus security procedures and encourage students to be responsible for their own and others' safety and security. Anyone with information regarding emergency situations or criminal acts, including, but not limited to, hate crimes, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, sexual assault, homicide, rape, statutory rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, and arson, is encouraged to immediately report the matter to Campus Police.

  • Students: Call Campus Police at 256.609.1060, 256.601.9117, or 256.228.6001/256.638.4418, ext. 2249. Visit SC102.
  • Employees: Call Campus Police at 256.609.1060, 256.601.9117, or 256.228.6001/256.638.4418, ext. 2249.

If Campus Police are unavailable, emergency situations or criminal activity can be reported to one of the following offices, Campus Security Authorities, or to local authorities by dialing 9-1-1:

  • Admissions Office, ext. 2325
  • Business Office, ext. 2201 or 2313 or 0
  • President’s Office, ext. 2243 or 2268
  • Director of Extended Day/Distance Education Programs, ext. 2294
  • Campus Security Authorities


Contact Information

Kelly DeAngelis, SkillsUSA Sponsor/Drafting and Design Technology Instructor

256.228.6001/256.638.4418, ext. 2286; 258 Workforce Development

Kristin Lacey, Salon and Spa Management Instructor

256.259.1512; Salon Institute

Olivia Dodd, Phi Theta Kappa Sponsor

256.228.6001/256.638.4418, ext. 2399; 121 Wallace Admin.

Chad Gorham, Dean of Instruction

256.228.6001/256.638.4418, ext. 2294; 111 Charles Pendley Admin.; 256.228.6001/256.638.4418, ext. 2320; 121 Charles Pendley Admin.

Jeff Hawes, Dean of Student Services

256.228.6001/256.638.4418, ext. 2278; 115 Student Center

Adam Niblett, Mu Alpha Theta Sponsor

256.228.6001/256.638.4418, ext. 2389; 225 Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Technology

Andrea Okwu, Presidential Host Sponsor

256.228.6001/256.638.4418, ext. 2258; 205 Charles Pendley Admin.

Campus Police: Van McAlpin, Police Chief; David Snay, Police Officer; Danny Miller, Norman Smith, Steven Whited, and Greg Works - Part-Time Police Officers

256.601.9117 or 256.609.1060.; 256.228.6001/256.638.4418, ext. 2249; 102 Student Center

Chris Peek, CDL Instructor

256.244.5174; CDL Training Site

Jon-Alan Pope, Adult Education Program Director

256.228.6001/256.638.4418, ext. 2363; 219 William M. Beck Health and Fine Arts Center

Joan Reeves, Student Activities Coordinator

256.228.6001/256.638.4418, ext. 2231; 107 English

Kayleigh Smith, Theatre Instructor and Director of Theatre

256.228.6001/256.638.4418, ext. 2318; 208 Lyceum

Lynde Wheeler, Human Resources Director/Title IX Coordinator

256.228.6001/256.638.4418, ext. 2230; 116 Charles Pendley Admin.

Annual Security Report

The most recent Annual Security Report is available below. Students and employees are encouraged to review this important document for more information regarding how to report alleged crimes on campus.

2023 Annual Security Report (Published September 20, 2023)

Crime and Arrest Statistic

Crime statistics for the previous three years are published in the Annual Security Report (linked above). These reports are compiled utilizing the daily crime log maintained in the Campus Police Office as well as through reports provided by Campus Security Authorities and local police departments. The crime statistic information represents reports received but does not necessarily indicate that a crime was found to have occurred.

Disciplinary Actions

In case of student or employee acts of crime, including violence, vandalism, burglary, sexual offenses, etc., NACC shall, within the scope of applicable federal and state due process requirements, take such administrative or disciplinary actions as appropriate. For a student, the disciplinary action may include, but shall not be limited to, reprimand or suspension. For an employee, the disciplinary action may include, but will not be limited to, reprimand, suspension or termination of employment, or requirement that the employee participate in and/or successfully complete an appropriate rehabilitation program (i.e. drug abuse violations). Any visitor engaging in any act prohibited by this policy shall be called upon to immediately halt such behavior and/or leave the college premises.

Full policies of Northeast Alabama Community College are published in the Employee Handbook (employment policies), or the Catalog (academic and student policies), or can be obtained from the Office of the President. The Anti-Harassment, Physical Assault, and Anti-Discrimination Policy as well as the Student Complaint Procedures, including disciplinary information, are published annually in the Catalog as well as on the Title IX Coordinator webpage (Search: Title IX). While this website attempts to present information accurately, it does not constitute the complete statement of policies of Northeast Alabama Community College. Contents are subject to change without notice.


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