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Northeast Alabama Community College is committed to the success of its students. Part of this commitment is to evaluate each student's soft skills and provide recognition for exemplary performance.


To earn a Workplace Readiness Certification (WRC), the student must:

  • Score a minimum of 36 points on a soft skills evaluation AND a grade of A or B in at least six classes;

  • Have instructors sign off on appropriate pages in the Passport for Success (No instructor may sign the passport more than twice): and

  • Submit the Passport to the Office of Workforce Development where a Workplace Readiness Certification will be awarded.


Employers frequently tell instructors and administrators that soft skills, including attendance, self-management, time management, professionalism, communication, quality and quantity of work, and teamwork are the most important traits of a potential employee. By achieving the Workplace Readiness Certification (WRC), employers will know that students have exhibited the traits that they, as employers, look for in an employee.



The following companies have endorsed the WRC. While this does not mean that these companies will automatically hire those with the WRC, it does mean that they understand the commitment made by students to earn the certification and will consider the WRC in hiring decisions.