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At Northeast Alabama Community College, we take an entrepreneurial approach to workforce development. Programs are developed rapidly to meet the demands of the workplace and can, when no longer needed, be mothballed just as rapidly. Keeping a close watch on the needs of the local business climate allows NACC to respond quickly to help those in our service area minimize threats and capitalize on opportunities. This "can-do" approach to workforce learning has allowed Northeast to respond to client needs in a number of ways.

The Training for Business and Industry (TBI) department is an integral part of the Office of Workforce Development, which oversees the college's career/technical programs. This coordination provides two distinct advantages to business and industry clients. First, it assures that business and industry training clients will enjoy the same highly-skilled faculty, state-of-the-art labs and technology enjoyed by students on campus. Second, business and industry clients may take advantage of the modularized curriculum developed for career/technical programs. This flexible curriculum model allows business and industry clients to select parts of training programs in a "cafeteria-style" approach. Training may be offered on campus or on-site at your location and at a time convenient for your employees. Whether you need training for 5 or 500, at 10:00 am or 10:00 pm, on campus, online, or on the factory floor, we will deliver.

Northeast Alabama Community College also offers a variety of services to business and industry, ranging from pre-employment assessments and training to safety assessments. Whether you need bloodborne pathogens training for 200 employees or (German, French, Spanish) language training for 4 or 5, Northeast stands ready to assist in your endeavor.

Through a partnership with the Alabama Technology Network - Rainsville Center, NACC is able to offer an unprecedented number of training solutions to meet the needs of area business and industry. 

Please consider giving Northeast Alabama Community College an opportunity to serve as a value-added resource for your company.

TBI Staff

Skills Training Coordinator
Julie (Cohen) George,
PA 118   Phone ext. 2214