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Industrial Electronics

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Program Requirements

Short Term Certificates:



  • AAS Degree

Career Pathway Guide

Companies depend on complex electronic equipment for a variety of functions. From industrial controls that automatically monitor and direct production processes on the factory floor to radar and missile control systems that provide for the national defense, electronics devices are increasingly used to boost productivity and optimize results. These complex pieces of equipment are installed, maintained, and repaired by electronics technicians.


Students at Northeast start by learning the fundamentals of direct current and alternating current, and are eligible for Electronics Technicians Association, International certification after taking these two classes. The next steps are to learn motor controls, digital electronics, solid state, motors and transformers, and programmable logic controls (PLCs). Students then move on to advanced industrial controls, troubleshooting, instrumentation and process control, and industrial robotics before taking part in a cooperative work experience. The program is rigorous. Demands are high. But those who successfully complete the program and prove themselves in the internship will be sought after in the job market.

Awards offered: AAS, Certificate, and Short Term Certificate
Program Contact
Mr. Barry Wigley
IS 102  Phone ext. 2812