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October 2010: Technology Learning Center Report
Judith Lea, Director

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It has been one year since Northeast received the award of a Title III grant. There has been a large increase in the number of students coming to the technology center for assistant. Amber Matheson has proven herself a true asset to the center. The students love her and she is always eager to assist with a smile.

Training sessions were offered on the following: NBC Archives, Blackboard, MyMathLab, Reliable Resources, and Maintaining Your Personal PC. All were well attended with a full house in every session. We will be adding three computer workstations to the center in the spring in able to have more in attendance at the workshops. Students and faculty can bring their laptop to training sessions as well. This enables us to offer more seats in each session.

The center again served as a proctor location not only for Northeast students but students from other colleges as well.

As director of the center I was able to attend the Human Resource Diversity Conference for the first time. The conference was held in Birmingham, AL at Jefferson State Community College. The conference was a valuable resource with many helpful sessions.