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Title III Update 

June-July 2012
Technology Learning Center Report

Judith Lea, Director

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June in the TLC began with student Blackboard Orientations. As a new summer semester got underway 172 students attended the on campus sessions. Students also have access to the online Blackboard Orientation which is provided free of charge by the college.

One-on-one instructor training sessions were held with full-time and adjunct instructors offering assistance on course design. It was exciting to see instructor’s enthusiasm when a new tool was introduced for class collaboration. A US History instructor integrated NBC Learn videos in his discussion board to allow students more peer to peer interaction. A video on the debate over whether public schools should teach evolution brought up many good discussions among the students. As one student put it; “This feels like a real class.” I think the student was referring to the feel of an on campus class.

The Distance Education committee formed a sub-committee and assigned the task of creating a Policies and Procedures manual along with guidelines for online course development and delivery. This document will serve a great purpose for the faculty at Northeast and enrich the online content and courses we teach.

We were asked to present videos of some of our Nursing students giving a testimony of the WIMBA classroom tool. The Northeast Nursing department uses WIMBA to capture all their live classes and then makes the archive available for students to review through Blackboard. This tool has proven itself invaluable to the Northeast Nursing students for study tools and remediation: The students were featured in a presentation given by the President of Blackboard Collaborate at the 2012 users’ conference.

I attended the Alabama Community College Information Services Conference in June at Orange Beach and was able to sit in on sessions with topics such as Gmail vs. other mail; virtual desktops; clouds and the era of bring your own device; disaster recovery and backup in the cloud. This conference is a great place to network with other technology directors and share thoughts and ideas.

A technology specialist from Pearson Education conducted a workshop on campus with the English department for the new Blackboard building block and the integration of the Pearson course content. This will be a great new tool for instructors whether online or on campus and give students access to many more reliable resources.

A QuickBooks class was taught during the summer semester for the first time. The TLC serves as a Certified Certiport testing center so students were able to come to the lab in late July and take practice test in preparation for their certification test to be given as a final the first week in August.

Once again the TLC served as a proctor location for many students not only from Northeast but from other colleges as well. The TLC had 1267 tutoring sessions during June and July.