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August 2010: Technology Learning Center Report
Judith Lea, Director

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Summer training for faculty was completed with 45 adjunct and 30 full-time faculty members participating in some form of training. Fall training will begin in October for faculty. September will be committed to student training and instruction.

The NACC Workforce Development Department sponsored a Tech Conference where I was invited to present. The presentation was “Computer Certifications.” Attendance was great and I was able to share about the center and the many opportunities for training. The center also serves as a Certiport Testing site which has been very popular with the Elevate America program that ends this month.

Athens State University along with Blackboard hosted the first annual ACCS eLearning Symposium. The day was a great success and we were able to receive a free one semester subscription to the building block for NBC News Archives. This will be an added resource for instructors online as well as on campus.

A week of Student Orientations was offered through the center for the new Blackboard 9 system. The first week of class we offered 15 sessions from 8:00 AM-6:00 PM in an attempt to cover every time slot. Six hundred and forty students participated in the on campus face-to-face orientation, along with five instructors. This number includes the 133 students taking the NUR103 Nursing Assessment which has been moved to an online environment this year.

Student activity really picked up in the center as more students began to come in for technology training and assistance. Regular center hours have been established with the help of a part-time work study who will work two nights a week allowing the center to be open from 8:00-7:00 on Monday and Tuesday and 8:00-4:00 on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday is set aside for appointments so that we can personally assist those students having a little more trouble with the technology. Walk-ins are welcome as well.

The month ended with two days of testing, one for the Elevate America and another as a proctor for Brigham Young University.

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