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Title III Update 

August 2012
Technology Learning Center Report

Judith Lea, Director

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August ended summer semester and began a new year with fall semester. There were 10 days between semesters for students; the TLC remained open between terms to serve students and faculty. During the month of August we saw 859 students.

Technology support was given to Mrs. Nancy Griggs for the annual Human Resource Conference.

As instructors prepared their fall courses the TLC held 13 one on one sessions to assist with course design. This gives instructors the chance to ask questions concerning a specific area of technology they are interested in learning more about. Instructors set up voice boards within their Blackboard courses giving distance education students the opportunity to have an audible discussion with their classmates as well as instructors. Instructors create a voice board and make the initial post by asking questions or giving assignments. Students then create an audible thread responding to the instructor’s directions and then commenting to their classmates. The voice board has been a huge success with students and instructors.

The Technology Learning Center worked with the Professional Development Committee to provide technology training to faculty during Fall In-Service. Instructors had the opportunity to earn six hours of professional development technology training. Workshops were offered on the new Blackboard Collaborate tool which will eventually replace WIMBA. They also attended sessions offered by textbook publishers on their Blackboard building blocks that link publisher content to the instructors Blackboard course. These publishers were: McGraw-Hill; Cengage Learning; and Pearson. A session on the Green Screen was offered to full time faculty giving them instructors on registration; course rolls and more. Eleven full time and five part time instructors completed their required training hours. Fifty-eight percent of full-time faculty have completed their technology training. Forty-seven percent of all adjuncts have completed their technology training.

The first day of class all level one nursing students attended a Blackboard orientation for NUR103. This is a distance education class and students were given assistants in logging into Blackboard and how to maneuver through the course. The first full week of classes 15 on campus Blackboard orientations sessions were held. A total of 426 students attended the sessions. Two additional sessions were held at the DeKalb County Technology Center for dual enrollment students. Twenty-six students were in attendance.

Fall is off to a busy start.