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Title III Update 

April-May 2012
Technology Learning Center Report

Judith Lea, Director

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April and May were busy months in the TLC. We played host to a new TV commercial for NACC in early April. Students were filmed in the lab displaying the available technologies for student use.

As director of the TLC I attended several professional development workshops. Troy University hosted a three-day Blackboard Symposium where workshops on Blackboard tools such as Connect, Collaborate, Analytics, Mobile, Transact, and the new Blackboard 9.1 Service pack 8 were offered.

I also attended the annual Tennessee Valley Educational Consortium, hosted by Calhoun Community College, of which Northeast is a member. We had a day of peer presentations focused on online learning and instruction. It’s a great day to share with colleagues from other educational institutions and glean ideas.

Troy University’s annual eColloquium was conducted with the subject being “Retention: YOU are the Key: Instructor Strategies for Retaining Students.” Dr. Larry Ragan was the keynote speaker. Dr. Ragan directs the design and development of a wide range of faculty development services and systems for Penn State's Academic Outreach. Academic Outreach serves learners via online (the World Campus), Continuing Education, and the video learning network. Dr. Ragan designs and delivers professional development programs, establishes a faculty development learning community, and conducts research including the articulation of strategies to help faculty manage the online workload (SMOW) and the definition of competencies for online teaching success (COTS). He has served in leadership roles as co-director of the EDUCAUSE Learning Technology Leadership program (2005-2006), and currently co-director of the PSU/Sloan-C Institute for Emerging Leadership in Online Learning.

We conducted finals on campus playing host to students who needed a proctor for their online courses.

I enrolled in two continuing education courses. Collaboration in the Digital Classroom and Instructional Ideas and Technology Tools which will end the first of June. Between semesters Blackboard maintenance was performed as well as the addition of several new tools.

We added the module which is a free service to our students. Through Blackboard students can access the module and build a resume portfolio; take an aptitude test and begin searching for Internships and or jobs. The Career Center has begun using the aptitude test to assist students with career planning and our Nursing director was both excited and surprised to see that all the jobs in the tri-state area she had been made aware of for recent graduates were listed on the site. This is a great service to our students.

We also added Merlot Search which is another reliable resource for our online students when doing college level research. Merlot is a place where students can find online learning materials, web sites and educational digital libraries that have been reviewed and approved by educators worldwide. This along with the new EBSCO search our library has added gives our students an array of reliable resources 24/7 from anywhere they have an internet connections.

We continue to grow our resources for our students as well as our services. We will add a lab assistant to the TLC beginning summer semester. We saw 1263 students during the months of April and May.