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STARS (for Alabama public colleges)  

 How to Use STARS 

 Advantages of STARS

2to4 Transfer Program (for Alabama independent colleges)

Transfer Advisor

It's simple to guarantee that your credits will transfer. After you enter the STARS website, you can select "How to Use STARS" for instructions to print a Transfer Guide.

STARS live help: See below for details.

Transfer Guide: Your printable Transfer Guide lists what Northeast courses to take for your major at your chosen public university.

  • The Transfer Guide will be honored for 4 years after the date you print it.

  • Instructions may tell you to print some additional information and attach it as part of your Transfer Guide.

  • Print the Transfer Guide and other university information for your records and a second copy for your advisor.

  • You are required to have a Transfer Guide at Northeast registration and to give your advisor a copy.

  • You may print as many different Transfer Guides as you want for different majors and different universities. When you decide on one Guide, you must follow it completely.

Areas: All Transfer Guides require courses in five Areas. These are the same five Areas in the Northeast curriculum:

Area I: Written Composition
Area II: Humanities & Fine Arts
Area III: Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Area IV: History, Social, & Behavioral Sciences
Area V: Pre-professional, Major; & Elective Courses (Area V courses may vary by university, as shown on university websites and STARS.)

Accessing STARS:

Access STARS on the Internet from anywhere, including NACC computers in the Library or computer labs.

Go to:

For more information about STARS, email your NACC advisor or the Admissions Office. It is the student's responsibility to stay informed about STARS and the senior institution's requirements regarding individual programs of study.



On the STARS website click the icon "LIVE SUPPORT ONLINE." You will see a form for entering your question(s). Within a few seconds after you submit, a STARS staff member will then enter into a chat session with you.

If the "LIVE SUPPORT ONLINE" icon is grayed out, no one is available. However, you can still click the icon and email your question(s). You should be contacted in less than 24 hours with the information you request.



For transfer questions or concerns, please contact the Transfer Counselor or Dr. Joe Burke:


Dr. Joseph D. Burke, Vice President/Dean of Instruction
Phone: 2320   Office: PA 121   Email: 

Jessica Benefield Blalock, Career/Transfer Advisor
Phone: 2306   Office: WA 112   Email: