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STARS (for Alabama public colleges)  

 How to Use STARS 

 Advantages of STARS

2to4 Transfer Program (for Alabama independent colleges)

Transfer Advisor

If you are not ready to print a Transfer Guide as shown in "How to Use Stars," you can still use STARS to explore and plan.

If you have decided on a MAJOR but not a UNIVERSITY: See "Lists of Majors" to to find which universities offer your major subject.
Can't find the major anywhere? Try other wordings (for example, speech therapy = "Speech Pathology"). All business majors (accounting, management, marketing, etc.) are listed as "Business."

If you like a UNIVERSITY but are not sure of a MAJOR: Select "Quick Links" to "Four-Year Home Pages" and the website of your chosen university, where you can read about all its majors subjects.

What does STARS not guarantee?

--that you will be admitted to the university. You must meet its application deadline, pay fees, and have a minimum grade average. A university might also cap its enrollment and not accept more students even if qualified. STARS does guarantee that your Northeast credits will be accepted when the university admits you.

--that you will be admitted to a selective major program. Some majors have entry requirements over and above being admitted to the university. See the university's website to see what it takes to qualify for your chosen major.

--that the university will accept a course you passed with a "D." This is up to the individual university.

--that the university will not change its requirements before you graduate from it. STARS does guarantee that you will be treated exactly the same as students who were enrolled in the university on the date you obtained your Transfer Agreement. (This is a good reason to get your Transfer Agreement early in your time at Northeast. The date printed on it will protect you if university requirements change.) In other words, if the university helps its own students through the transition, it will help you.

--that an out-of-state college or university will honor the STARS system. STARS is for public colleges and universities in Alabama. However, every year Northeast students transfer to out-of-state institutions without losing credits, because they follow Northeast requirements carefully and study the institutions' catalogs and websites.

Independent (private) colleges in Alabama use the 2to4 Program instead of STARS. See the 2to4 page.


You can prevent any problems:

  • Read the university's catalog and meet all its requirements and deadlines.

  • Get a Transfer Guide early and follow it.

  • Ask for help understanding university and transfer requirements, from your advisor and from the Transfer Advisor.

  • Keep up your grades at Northeast.

For transfer questions or concerns, please contact the Transfer Counselor or Dr. Joe Burke:


Dr. Joseph D. Burke, Vice President/Dean of Instruction
Phone: 2320   Office: PA 121   Email: 

Jessica Benefield Blalock, Career/Transfer Advisor
Phone: 2306   Office: WA 112   Email: