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STARS (for Alabama public colleges)  

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2to4 Transfer Program (for Alabama independent colleges)

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Guarantee that all your credits from Northeast transfer. It's a simple process!

STARS (STatewide Articulation Reporting System) is a computerized system that coordinates transfer among public colleges and universities in Alabama. Through STARS you can obtain a STARS Transfer Guide for the university and major of your choice.

Alabama state law guarantees that Northeast courses on your STARS Transfer Guide will count at the university if you follow all instructions and enroll there.

Learn more!    How to Use STARS     Advantages of STARS

Access STARS from the Internet anywhere, including NACC computers in the Library or computer labs:

To learn more about the Alabama Community College System:

It is the student's responsibility to stay informed about STARS and the senior institution's requirements regarding individual programs of study.

Remember:  If you follow all instructions on your Transfer Guide and are admitted to the college or university, Alabama state law GUARANTEES that your credits will transfer!

For transfer questions or concerns, please contact the Transfer Counselor or Dr. Joe Burke:


Dr. Joseph D. Burke, Vice President/Dean of Instruction
Phone: 2320   Office: PA 121   Email: 

Jessica Benefield Blalock, Career/Transfer Advisor
Phone: 2306   Office: WA 112   Email: