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Safe Zones for Use During Storm Warnings

Message from the President: Closings, Delays, and Emergencies

How Weather Announcements Will Be Made

(1) SchoolCast messages to students and staff by phone voicemail, cellphone text, and email
You will be emailed instructions for signing up for SchoolCast early in your first semester. Keep your contact information up to date!
More information: NACC Alert System/SchoolCast

(2) Radio and television
The following stations carry NACC announcements:



WQSB/WAVU 105.1 FM Albertville
WTWX 95.9 Arab/Guntersville
WQEN 103.7 FM Gadsden/B'ham
WRSA 96.9 Huntsville
WKEA 98.3 FM Scottsboro
WKEA 1480 AM Scottsboro
WWIC 1050 AM Scottsboro
WZCT 1330 AM Scottsboro

WHNT Ch 19 Huntsville
WAAY Ch 31 Huntsville
WAFF Ch 48 Huntsville
WZDX Ch 54 Huntsville
WRCB Ch 3 Chattanooga
WTVC Ch 9 Chattanooga
WDEF Ch 12 Chattanooga

(3) PA system on campus if classes are affected immediately


If these do NOT make a weather announcement about Northeast, assume that classes WILL meet at the regular time.

For current National Weather Service information and severe weather statements (not NACC announcements), go to:
National Weather Service (North Alabama)

Safe Zones for Use During Storm Warnings

Take cover in the nearest safe zone when a storm warning is announced via PA system or NACC Alert (SchoolCast).

All one-story buildings and Knox will evacuate to safe zones in two-story buildings. Those near the new Math Science Engineering Building (MT) will use its Storm Shelter.

All two-story buildings except Knox have a safe zone inside them as listed below. If people prefer to leave these safe zones and go to the MT Storm Shelter they can do so, but it will be at their own risk.

AX (Annex) - MT Storm Shelter

BE  (Campbell Business Ed Bldg) - Rooms 100 and 110 and east hallway

EN (English Bldg) MT Storm Shelter

GY (Beck Health and Fine Arts\Gym) - Downstairs rear hallway

HE (Health Ed Bldg) - Rooms 110 and 106 and downstairs east hallway

IC (Industry Training Ctr/Alabama Career Ctr) - Room 101 or MT Storm Shelter

IS (Industrial Systems Technology Bldg) If time allows, MT Storm Shelter; if not, center hallway away from doors

KX (Knox Science Bldg) MT Storm Shelter

LI (Library/Word Learning Resources Ctr) Audio-Visual Room 101 and Distance Learning Room 102

LY (Bevill Lyceum) - Front vestibule between lobby and auditorium, closing all doors; green room, rehearsal room, dressing rooms at the back of the stage, restrooms in lobby, east corridor; or move to Pendley Bldg rear hallway

MS (Math and Science Bldg, old) MT Storm Shelter

MT (Math Science Engineering Tech Bldg, new) MT Storm Shelter

PA (Pendley Admin Bldg) Downstairs rear hallway and break room

SI (Salon Institute) - Offices, break room, and hallway

SC (Student Center) - MT Storm Shelter

TC (Tech Bldg) - Move to WD Bldg Room 132

WA (Wallace Admin Bldg) MT Storm Shelter

WD (Workforce Development Bldg) - Room 132

See Campus Map.

Restrooms without glass qualify as safe zones but should be the last choice for shelter because they should remain available for use as restrooms.

David Nadler of the National Weather Service presents NACC President Dr. David Campbell with a plaque identifying NACC as a NWS StormReady Supporter (September 2012).

Message to NACC Students from
Dr. David Campbell, President:

Inclement weather may sometimes determine whether or not the college will be open. Northeast personnel have a number of sources of information available to decide if the college should be closed due to icy roads and snow and will be monitoring weather conditions very carefully.


CLOSINGS: If the college is to be closed for day classes, this information will be sent to student and staff email and phones by SCHOOLCAST. Information also will be provided to LOCAL TELEVISION AND RADIO STATIONS so that they might give notification by no later than 6:30 a.m. If the college is to be closed for evening classes, this information will be made available to the media for release no later than 4:00 p.m. Decisions to close will be made and released at the earliest possible time.

DELAYS: Depending on highway conditions, on some occasions the college may have a LATE OPENING. It may, for example, be announced that the college will open at 10:00 a.m. Under these circumstances students would go directly to their normally scheduled 10:00 a.m. class and follow the rest of the day's schedule.


If there is NO SchoolCast or media announcement for a specific date, assume that classes WILL meet at the regular time.


EMERGENCIES: In the event of an announced weather warning during classes, the college will evacuate classrooms to safe areas.

Be mindful that weather conditions in Northeast Alabama can change very quickly and that our students come from a diverse geographic area. On some occasions road conditions in most locations of our service area may be fine, but dangerous in a few isolated places. Therefore, when inclement weather occurs, please use caution and your best judgment in deciding whether to drive to Northeast or not. Your safety and that of our staff is our number one concern.

Dr. David Campbell, President

Full policies of Northeast Alabama Community College are published in the Faculty and Staff Handbook (employment policies), or the Catalog (academic and student policies), or can be obtained from the Office of the President. While this website attempts to present information accurately, it does not constitute the complete statement of policies of Northeast Alabama Community College. Contents are subject to change without notice.