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MAPS is coming in 2014-2015!


Advising, and
Preparing for

Each student is assigned an individual advisor who is a faculty member in the student's major field.

What your advisor does: Your advisor gives you information about program requirements, university transfer, graduation, and all aspects of your academic progress. The advisor's approval is necessary for class registration, including online registration, and dropping or adding classes.

When, where, and how: Advisors are available during registration days. Throughout the semester, advisors are available by email and in their offices by appointment. For office location, phone, and email, go to Contacts.

Who: To find your advisor's name, contact the Admissions Office at phone extension 2260 or email

Other links:

Degree/Certificate requirements in Catalog

Program Requirement completion sheets

STARS (university transfer) information

Transfer Advisor

NEW: MAPS is coming in 2014-2015!

For questions about academic advising, contact Dr. Burke or Dean Grace:

Dr. Joseph D. Burke
Vice President/Dean of Instruction
Phone: 2320
Office: PA 121

Sherie Grace
Dean of Student Services
Phone: 2325
Office: SC 115A 

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