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How to Register

More Information: Overload, Audit, Incomplete Registration

Add Classes, Change, Drop, or Withdraw

Class Schedules

Details about how to register are in Procedures. Dates are on the Academic Calendar. Which way you register depends on how you are classified as a student:

First-time college student

1. Complete an Application for Admission form and send it in.

2. Bring identifying documentation, or send notarized copies.

3. Send high school or GED transcript.

4. Take the COMPASS placement test when assigned.

5. Register at Orientation when assigned by the Admissions Office.

6. International students have additional procedures to follow.


Dual Enrollment/Accelerated

1. Obtain permission from high school currently attending. The Permission to Register form must be on file at Northeast before registration. For forms, see Dual Enrollment

2. After obtaining permission and applying, register for on-campus classes at On-Campus Regular Registration. For classes at high schools, follow schools' instructions.

Current student

Register Online or at On-Campus Registration (early, regular, or late).

Returning student, not currently enrolled

If you were enrolled last Spring but skipped Summer, you are current for Fall and can register as a current student (above). If you skipped any other term:

1. Apply for Readmission (same form as Application for Admission).

2. Contact the Admissions Office to be eligible for either Online or On-Campus Registration (early, regular, or late).

Transfer from another college

1. Apply for Admission and send official college transcript from previous college(s) attended.

2. Contact the Admissions Office for registration instructions.

Transient from another college

1. Bring or send letter of transience to Admissions Office.

2. Contact the Admissions Office for registration instructions.

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