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Is your registration complete?

SC 115  Ph 2260 

PA 121  Phone 2240 

How to Register

More Information: Overload, Audit, Incomplete Registration

Add Classes, Change, Drop, or Withdraw

Class Schedules

Your registration is not complete until you have paid your tuition in full or arranged for financial aid.

Most students need help with the details of financial aid or scholarships. Sometimes credit card or check transactions are not successful.

Incompletely registered students

  • cannot sign in to Blackboard for online classes.

  • will be dropped from class rolls before regular (on-campus) Registration, if they registered early. This is necessary to open places for others to register. Dropped students must begin the registration process again, on campus. Some classes will be filled by that time.

  • will not be on class rolls as registered.

If you think you may be incompletely registered, contact the College today and speak with someone who can help.

Business Office/Cashier: Wallace Building, Room 125 or 122
Phone: (256) 228-6001 or 638-4418, Extension 2313

Financial Aid: Wallace Building, Room 101
Phone: (256) 228-6001 or 638-4418, Extension 2203, 2227,  or 2204

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