November 6, 2012


Northeast Ranked Fifteenth in Nation among Community Colleges in Student Success

CNN/Money recently ranked Northeast Alabama Community College fifteenth among the nation’s approximately 1,200 community colleges for student success. The CNN/Money report was done in context of an article to provide students with information on which American community colleges might best prepare students to complete their programs of study or transfer.

“We are very pleased with those results,” stated NACC President Dr. David Campbell. “We focus on student success at Northeast in every aspect of our college operations and these numbers tell us our work is having an impact. It’s great to be identified among the nation’s best.”

The CNN/Money report was based on an analysis by one of the leading researchers into community colleges, College Measures, which is a joint venture of the American Institutes of Research and the Matrix Knowledge Group. These organizations compiled every community college’s federally-reported graduation and transfer rates in order to create a searchable success rating for public community colleges. The success rate for Northeast was 70 percent. In all, ten American states had colleges in the top fifteen and two of the states (Alabama and Georgia) were from the Southern region.

College officials believe that the high rating for Northeast is due to multiple factors, including that the college provides a testing service to make certain students begin in the appropriate classes, as well as a Student Success Center which provides tutors in a wide range of subjects. The college also provides academic support through its College and Career Planning Center, the Technology Learning Center, and the Office of Financial Aid. All faculty serve as advisors at Northeast and the college also has a University Transfer Advisor. Additionally, Northeast has a partnership with Athens State University to provide a University Center on the NACC campus to which students may transfer to complete their four-year degrees, as well as the college having articulation agreements with all the public and private colleges and universities. These agreements guarantee that all core courses within a specified program of study will transfer.

“We have many excellent students at Northeast as well,” Campbell stated. “These students have all the ability they need to succeed.” Northeast provides some three hundred scholarships per year to top-ranked students and academic achievers in its service area, and more than 100 private donors provide other scholarships in varying amounts. “Credit goes to our faculty, staff, and the community for working with all our students to help them achieve their dreams,” Campbell added.

Students in the academic honorary Phi Theta Kappa have contributed themselves to encouraging and supporting other students to complete their programs of study. As a result of their efforts approximately five hundred Northeast students have signed the pledge initiated by the American Association of Community Colleges to complete their programs of study. Students are made aware that those who complete a certificate or diploma or much more likely to earn more over a lifetime than those who don’t.

Northeast is a comprehensive community program, offering programs in most all university transfer areas, as well as career technical courses in many specialized fields. The college also provides adult education to the area, as well as specialized training and services for local business and industry. The Alabama Technology Network also maintains a center at Northeast to provide engineering services to business and industry. In the fall of 2012, there were more than 3,200 students enrolled in credit classes at Northeast, with several hundred others registered in noncredit adult education and training for business and industry programs.

The CNN/Money report stated that student success is one of the key factors that a student should consider in enrolling in a college. Students want to especially feel confident that the college they chose has a positive record of student success and prepares them for completion and transfer.

The CNN/Money recognition was not the first the college has received the past several years. The Aspen Institute, for example, the last two years has named Northeast in the top ten percent of all American community colleges in the nation. And in the college’s last Southern Association/Commission on Colleges review, the college was among only three of forty-nine in the South which did not receive any citations on compliance standards.

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