November 10, 2011


Trees Planted by Alumni to Commemorate Five Decades

Students and faculty were present at Northeast Alabama Community College Wednesday, November 4, 2011 to help plant trees at the college. Five Cherrybark oak trees were planted in the front lawn of campus to honor the decades – the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and the 2000s. With trees being a sign of antiquity and strength, planting trees for the decades to honor the past and celebrate the present and future was a perfect tribute for NACC!

This event was to help build awareness of the college’s 50th Anniversary Celebration that will take place in 2015. Now until 2015, the college will hold small and unique events building up to the 50th anniversary. This past May, a reunion was held for NACC’s first class that attended in 1965. “Having former students come back to campus to see the growth of the college is very important,” stated NACC Development Director Heather Rice. “Everyone that attended NACC should be proud! We want former students and faculty to identify themselves as part of the NACC family.”

These trees were planted to honor the decades but to also replace trees lost to the April tornadoes. "Several of our largest trees on campus were destroyed in the April 27th tornadoes,” stated NACC President Dr. David Campbell. “This will help us replace those trees, while at the same time honor our first class and the memories of former students and area residents who lost their lives in the storms. This is a very thoughtful and appropriate gesture.” A marker will be placed at each tree to recognize the students and faculty of the appropriate years.

Former students and friends of NACC are encouraged to join the Alumni and Friends Association. Being a member allows information about college information to be sent directly to you. The College holds many cultural, family-friendly events and encourages everyone to visit the campus to learn more about services offered. Go to Alumni and Friends, or contact Heather Rice at or phone ext. *2301.

1960s: (L-R) Franklin Lewis, Elaine Brookshire, Martha Pendley, Barry Pickett, Dr. David Campbel

1970s: (L-R) Cheryl Gorham, Dr. Joe Burke, Joan Reeves, Dr. David Campbell

1980s: (L-R) Alan Everett, Sheila Akins, Dr. David Campbell


1990s: (below, L-R) Representative Todd Greeson, Shaunathan Bell, Jody Ragsdale, Dr. David Campbell


2000s: (below, L-R) Rebecca Hutlett, Sheila Hairston, Dr. David Campbell

Representing students of all decades at the ceremonial planting were (below, L-R) Jody Ragsdale (90s and current NACC English Instructor), Martha Pendley (60s), Representative Todd Greeson (90s and NACC Administrative Coordinator for Business and Industry), Shaunathan Bell (90s), Alan Everett (80s), Rebecca Hutlett (00s), Dr. Joe Burke (70s and NACC Vice President), Heather Rice (90s and NACC Development Director), Franklin Lewis (60s), Sheila Akins (70s, retired faculty and current NACC Foundation Board member), Cheryl Gorham (70s and current NACC Division Director), Barry Pickett (60s), Sheila Hairston (70s and current Financial Aid Assistant), Joan Reeves (70s and current NACC Division Director), Dr. David Campbell (NACC President), Elaine Brookshire (60s and retired faculty), Susan Barron (70s and NACC Director of High School Relations and Event Planning).