February 9, 2011


Dave Ramsey’s Endorsed Local Provider To Speak February 22

John Parker, Dave Ramsey’s Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) for financial services, will be at Northeast Alabama Community College on Tuesday, February 22, 2011, at 6:30 pm in the AV Room (Room 101) located in the Cecil B. Word Learning Resources Center.

“Adding community activities is one of the goals we established for the library this year,” said Dr. Julia Everett, Director of the LRC. “We are pleased to welcome John Parker to campus.”

“Dave Ramsey is a personal money management expert, national radio talk show host, television host and New York Times bestselling author. He has helped millions of people get out of debt and build wealth. He is today’s voice of financial wisdom. My group and I are pleased that Dave has chosen us to exclusively endorse in our area,” said Parker.

Parker and the other members of his group, Joseph Shortt and Jake Childers, serve as Dave’s ELPs for Huntsville, AL, and the surrounding area.

Parker will be discussing Dave’s Seven Steps to Financial Security. The meeting will be conducted as a workshop with handouts and worksheets. Parker will help each attendee understand where he or she is presently in the seven step process and, more importantly, how to develop a plan to begin working toward financial security.

Parker is a Certified Financial Planner, CFP® and a Chartered Financial Consultant, ChFC®. He and his wife Martha live in Scottsboro.

For more information about this event, contact Dr. Everett at  or telephone college ext. 226.