May 10, 2011


Financial Aid Sessions Each Tuesday Night in May

Due to the popularity of the Tuesday night financial aid sessions, Northeast Alabama Community College will continue them every Tuesday night at 6:00 pm during the month of May in Student Center Room 111. Financial Aid Director Nick Willmon stated, “We are very proud of the response to our sessions, and we are excited to continue them through the month of May. Of course, we will continue to offer sessions on Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m. in SC 111.”

For the summer semester students and/or parents will need to bring 2009 W2s and Federal tax forms, and for the fall bring 2010 W2s and tax forms. Financial Aid staffer Sheila Hairston added, “It will be easier for prospective students if they have a pin (personal identification number) number when they come to the sessions. A pin number can be obtained from the website” Willmon added, “If applicable, the parents will also need a pin number.”

Participants in the sessions will be instructed in how to file a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). One of the most valuable options in federal financial aid funds is the Pell Grant. Since this is a grant, it does not have to be repaid. The total award for those who qualify for the full amount is $5550.00 for year 2010-2011 which translates to $2775.00 per semester. Part-time students are eligible but will receive a reduced amount based on the number of classes taken.

Director Willmon said, “It is important for students to know that this summer is the last semester that students can get the Achievement Grant. This annual grant of $750.00 for freshmen and $1300.00 for sophomores has traditionally been awarded to students who qualify for the federal financial aid and who earn an advanced high school diploma after 2005. The grant is being terminated for the fall 2011, but this summer freshmen who will obtain an advanced diploma from high school can still get this additional award added to the regular Pell Grant. Students may want to seriously consider taking courses this summer to take advantage of this last Achievement Grant.”

Tonie Niblett, Dean of Student Services, said, ”This will be the last summer for a second Pell award so there are many reasons for students to consider attending the summer session. Our financial aid staff has worked diligently to assist students in applying for Pell grants, and we are happy to continue the service through the month of May. These Tuesday night sessions along with our regular Wednesday sessions should give all students and prospective students plenty of opportunities to get assistance.” Director Willmon concluded by saying, “Students should also remember that they must reapply for Pell Grants before each fall semester. The contact information for financial aid is extension 327 or”

Ready to assist students, the Financial Aid Office staff at NACC are (L-R,standing) Stacy Guffey, Jennifer Brown , Holly Williams, and Sheila Hairston; and (seated) Financial Aid Director, Nick Willmon.