January 27, 2011


Fifth Year Interim Report Positively Reviewed by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools/Commission on Colleges

Officials at Northeast Alabama Community College have been notified that the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools/Commission on Colleges (SACS/COC) has positively reviewed and approved the college’s Fifth Year Interim Report. SACS/COC serves as the college’s accreditation agency.

Indeed, NACC was one of only three colleges of the thirty-nine reviewed in 2010 by the SACS/COC that was not required to submit follow-up/monitoring reports. “This is quite an achievement on the college’s part,” stated Dr. David Campbell, NACC President. “To have a report reviewed this favorably is very gratifying.” As a result of the review, NACC accreditation was affirmed.

To assure continued accreditation, the SACS/COC requires that member institutions submit a Fifth Year Interim Report that analyzes fourteen key standards, as well as an assessment of the college’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). The key standards include such issues as analysis on the number of full-time faculty; student support services; qualifications of administrative and academic officers; pursuit and assessment of student learning and educational outcomes; adequacy of admission policies; program responsibility and coordination; student achievement; curriculum; distance education; availability of academic calendars and policies; assessment of curricular program length; procedures for written student complaints; audits of financial aid programs; accuracy of recruiting materials; compliance under Title IV of the 1998 Higher Education Amendments; and documentation of fiscal audits.

The NACC Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) that was reviewed focused on Enhancing Student Learning in Developmental Studies. Dr. Belle Wheelan, SACS/COC President, commented that the college’s QEP provided “assessment data to show baseline data and positive changes over the time for each of the intended outcomes.”

Pictured are Shirley Buttram, NACC Director of Developmental Studies and Martha Banks, SACS Accreditation Liaison and Director of Institutional Planning and Assessment at NACC.

NACC officials note that as a result of the QEP, a student success center was opened on campus. The Center for College Success provides tutoring services to help students with their course work. Some fifteen student tutors work in or through the Center for College Success to help students academically. The Center is currently supervised by Dean Tonie Niblett, NACC Dean of Students, and Shirley Buttram, NACC Coordinator of Developmental Studies. Dr. Joe Burke, now NACC Vice President/Dean of Instruction, was instrumental in planning the Center for College Success along with other NACC personnel.

“Seeing that community college students are able to complete their goals, certificates, and degrees has become a national issue,” Campbell added. “I am pleased to say that by establishing the Student Success Center, we got off to a head start on this issue and have made some substantial strides in this effort over the past five years.”

The SACS/COC is one of six accreditation agencies in the United States. It serves educational institutions in eleven states, Latin America, and other international sites. At Northeast, Martha Banks serves as the SACS/COC Liaison with Lynde Mann serving as the Administrative Assistant. “Mrs. Banks did an outstanding job of compiling our report,” Campbell stated, “and Mrs. Mann provided valuable assistance. This accomplishment is one of those that takes the involvement of all our faculty and staff over a long period of time. The SACS/COC accreditation standards give us some great targets to pursue to become the best that we can possibly be at Northeast, so our efforts are well worth it.”

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