April 19, 2011


Director of Learning Resources Presents at National Conference

Dr. Julia Brookshire Everett, who serves as Director of the Learning Resources Center at Northeast Alabama Community College, was a co-presenter of her dissertation findings in a poster session at the 53rd Annual Conference of the Council for the Study of Community Colleges (CSCC), an affiliate of the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), which met in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Everett’s presentation was entitled A Study of Faculty Teaching of Information Literacy in Alabama’s Public Associate’s Colleges. Everett’s study focused on the teaching of information literacy in general education courses in Alabama’s community colleges. One aspect of the study examined whether each Alabama community college had a formal policy requiring the inclusion of information literacy as a general education/student learning outcome at the institutional level. Dr. Everett says that she is proud to say that information literacy has been one of the six student learning outcomes identified by Northeast since 2004, when a Student Learning Outcomes Committee was formed.

Another aspect of Everett’s study examined instructor’s demographic characteristics such as age, educational background, years of teaching experience, and subject matter taught to see if those factors influenced whether or not an instructor taught information literacy skills. Her findings revealed that subject matter taught and educational background, specifically highest degree earned, both proved to be significant in predicting if an instructor taught information literacy.

Dr. Julia Brookshire Everett, Director of the
NACC Learning Resources Center

When asked why information literacy is so important, Dr. Everett replied, “Because we live in a world where information is so plentiful, the ability to evaluate the reliability of the information we find is a critical skill. Therefore, information literacy is extremely important, not only as it relates to a college education, but also as it relates to lifelong learning.”

Dr. David E. Hardy, Associate Dean of Research and Service and Associate Professor of Higher Education at the University of Alabama, co-presented the poster session with Dr. Everett. After serving as chair of Dr. Everett’s dissertation committee last fall, he encouraged her to submit a proposal to present at the annual CSCC conference.

The Council for the Study of Community Colleges is based out of the University of California – Los Angeles Graduate School of Education and Information Studies. Members of the council include university-based researchers and community college practitioners who further scholarship on community colleges.

Dr. Everett has served as the Director of the Learning Resources Center at NACC for nine years. For more information on her study, please contact her at