December 15, 2011


Completing Your Degree at NACC

With spring semester registration fast approaching, now is the time to come back to Northeast Alabama Community College and finish your degree!

If you started on the path to obtaining a college degree but have not been able to complete it, consider enrolling now. If you attended Northeast within the past 5 to 10 years, earned 40 hours or more toward an Associates Degree, and have not earned any college degree since, we would like to talk to you. Access to getting your degree has never been so available.

“We have had many former students come back to us saying that they would be up for a job promotion if only they had that 2-year degree, but they lacked one or more courses when they dropped out several years ago,” said Dr. Joe Burke, Vice President/Dean of Instruction at NACC. “Many people would just like the personal satisfaction of knowing they had a college degree. We would like to help those who are in situations like these.”

People drop out of college for many reasons -- burnout, work/schedule conflicts or, marriage/family responsibilities, illness, and financial barriers to name a few. If your situation has changed and you lack a few courses completing your degree, now may be the time to take that next step. Northeast has developed many more educational resources over the last several years to make it more accessible and convenient to finish a degree. Free tutoring is available full-time in almost every subject that Northeast offers. The college now offers more than 95 online courses this semester giving flexibility so students can fit course work into busy schedules. A College and Career Planning Center is available to help direct you in taking the right courses for your career path.

“I will be glad to help students evaluate transcripts and plan courses in order to complete a program of study,” said Tonie Niblett, Dean of Student Services. “My recommendation is that these students get started as soon as possible. We have a lot of support services and folks that are willing to help. Students should remember that they are always welcome to come to the Student Services Office which is housed in the Admissions Office and ask for our help.”

Spring registration is January 4-5, 2012. Classes begin January 6. Late registration continues January 6, and January 9-12. Spring semester graduation will be taking place on Friday, May 11.

For more information, contact the Admissions Office at ext *2222. Dean Niblett and her staff can put you in touch with an advisor who will show you what you need to do to complete Associate Degree requirements. For details on completing graduation paperwork, call Angie Stewart at ext. *2240. Call the Financial Aid Office at ext. *2227 for details on money to go to college.

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