July 28, 2009


Students Attend Leadership Institute

Student leaders from Northeast Alabama Community College recently attended the Alabama College System’s Student Leadership Institute held at Bevill State Community College in Jasper. Eight students represented NACC, accompanied by Tonie Niblett, Dean of Student Services at NACC and member of the Student Leadership Institute Committee; Joan Reeves, Chair of the English Department and Director of Student Activities at NACC; and Andrea Wheeler, Assistant to the President’s Office.

The theme for the Student Leadership Institute was S.T.Y.L.E. (Students Transforming Yearly while Leading & Empowering). Over two-hundred and fifty students from community colleges across the state attended the two-day conference, led by Keith Brown, known as the “Motivator of the Millennium.” The focus of the conference was “Not impossible leaders/I’M POSSIBLE Leaders.” Facilitators assisting Brown were Leon Carter, the “Affirmations Guru”; Dara Feldman, with the “Virtues Project”; and Alicia Obie, Community Relations Liaison for 20/20 Enterprises. The NACC students were inspired by such sessions as “Styling and Profiling with Leadership,” “It’s a Virtue,” “Building the Ships/RelationSHIPS, PartnerSHIPS, MentorSHIP, ScholarSHIP and LeaderSHIP/ Sailing Towards Greatness Together,” and “Resolution over Confusion.” These learning communities gave the students the ability to interact with students from other colleges as they focused on learning about themselves as leaders. “I have been involved in several leadership workshops while I was in high school, but I have never attended one that focused so well on the role of leadership at the student level. Nor have I ever attended a meeting like this that was so much fun,” said NACC sophomore, Josh Roush from Fort Payne High School. “Their techniques were very helpful, and I really appreciate the opportunity to represent NACC.”

“For the past six years, NACC students have been involved in this institute,” Reeves observed, “and it has impacted our campus by preparing students to become more involved in the extracurricular activities that Northeast offers. At Northeast, we hope to educate the whole person, which means we want our students to be active not only in the classroom but also in the many extracurricular opportunities we offer.”

Along with the learning opportunities, the students were able to participate in a talent show extravaganza, for which they won first place. NACC students Matt Brewer, Autumn Brown, Cody Brown, Devin Kennamer, Josh Roush, Kayleigh Smith, Laura Spears, and Shay Spurgin performed a comical skit, which was rewarded for its originality and creativity, not to mention the talent represented by these eight students.

For more information on student activities at NACC, see the webpage of organizations linked from the Activities page, or contact Joan Reeves at or phone ext. 347.

Shown at the Alabama College System Student Leadership Institute are (L-R, front row) Kayleigh Smith and Autumn Brown; (middle row) Dara Feldman (SLI Facilitator), Cody Brown, Matt Brewer, Keith L. Brown (Motivator of the Millenium), Shay Spurgin, Joan Reeves (Sponsor), Tonie Niblett (Sponsor), Alicia Obie (SLI Facilitator); and (back row) Leon Carter (SLI Facilitator), Laura Spears, Devin Kennamer, and Josh Roush.