April 1, 2009

Public Health Lecture April 14 Will Be “Health Care Job Market: Is It Healthy?”

Do you want to learn more about hospice care and job opportunities in the health care job market?

“Health Care Job Market: Is it Healthy?” will be the focus of a public health lecture at Northeast Alabama Community College on Tuesday, April 14, at 12:00 noon in the Health Education Building (Room 106) on the NACC campus. The lecture will be presented by Keith B. Sanderson, President and founder of ABC Hospice, Inc.

Keith SandersonABC Hospice, Inc. provides in-home end of life care to six northeastern Alabama counties. Mr. Sanderson has been owner or part owner of several health care companies in the Rainsville area since 1993. Having grown up with a pharmacist as his father, he learned from a young age about career opportunities in health care.

“Continuing to provide lectures for the public on health issues is one way that we are pursuing the goal of even a more vital role in our community in regard to health care,” stated NACC President Dr. David Campbell. Campbell noted that this mission adds to the College’s fundamental and extremely important role of training health care workers to serve community needs. “We like to think that we are expanding the vision of what we can do in regard to health care training with this public lecture series,” he said.

This health lecture is free to the faculty, staff and students at NACC, and to the public.

For more information about the Health Care lecture series, contact Susan Barron, Director of Events Planning at or phone ext. 248.