November 18, 2009


NSNA Provide Wellness Screenings for NACC Students

Nursing students at Northeast Alabama Community College who are members of the NSNA (Nursing Students Nursing Association) have recently expanded their wellness screening activities. Once a month, they will be hosting Tune Up Tuesday and Wellness Wednesday in the Student Center on campus for NACC students. They will perform blood pressure and heart rate checks, as well as provide information on flu prevention. They are also providing copies of the pamphlets “Do 10 Fight the Flu” from the Alabama Department of Public Health and “CDC Says ‘Take 3’ Steps to Fight the Flu” from the Center for Disease Control.

“This is something new our NSNA members are doing this year,” said Gwen Wooten, 1st Level nursing student. “We are pleased to be able to offer this service. It’s all focused on prevention. Prevention is the key.”

Tina Edwards, 2nd Level nursing student, added, “The NSNA has done wellness checks off campus at local WalMarts and pharmacies and we decided to include campus screenings this year. So far, we have seen about 60 students (on Tuesday) and today we expect to see that many or more.”

In addition to receiving the wellness screenings, students may purchase a Christmas Ornament for $5. Proceeds from the sale of the ornaments help the NSNA to provide supplies for conducting the wellness screenings.

For more information on the NSNA, call Stacy Hart, NACC Nursing Instructor and NSNA Sponsor, at ext. 406, or e-mail

Pictured in the Student Center at NACC, students participating in Wellness Wednesday: standing, left to right, Jon Giles, Kala Matthews, Morgan Franks, and Isaac Willmon; seated, left to right, Matthew Allison, Gwen Wooten, Brittany Bailey, and Tina Edwards.