April 9, 2009  


Helicopter Lift-off for Set of Miss Saigon

On April 2, 2009, there was a first in the history of Northeast Alabama Community College Theatre: a helicopter was flown on the stage.

The set for Miss Saigon arrived in two fully loaded tractor-trailer rigs two days prior, complete with all the nuts, screws, bolts, ropes, and wiring for assembly of the set for the biggest show in the history of NACC Theatre. After two days of assembly on other set pieces, the helicopter took eight hours to assemble, rig, and fly. The helicopter flies through the use of an I-beam track, pulleys, and counterweights. The Whole Backstage in Guntersville graciously lent NACC Theatre one ton of additional weights to hang all the necessary set pieces.

Numerous community members took off from work to contribute their hands to this valiant effort. Scores of students also helped. NACC expresses appreciation to each and every person who lent a hand in this tremendous endeavor -- the biggest show in the history of NACC Theatre! For more information about the theatre or Miss Saigon, contact Regan McClung at, phone ext. 218, or visit the website at NACC Theatre.

Rigging the helicopter to fly onstage are (R-L) Chris Phillips (scholarship student and NACC student worker), Jacob Summerford (scholarship student), Roland Connor (community volunteer), Mark Webb (Director of Theatre), Brad Archer (Technical Director), and Jimmy Benefield (community volunteer).
Backstage behind the helicopter body are props and sets from past productions.
Photo taken by Kayleigh Smith