September 9, 2009  


College Provides Hand Sanitizer to Students

Presidential Hosts Marie Hall and Tommy Wilson (far left in photo) at Northeast Alabama Community College are shown distributing free Hand Sanitizer and leaflets of information about the flu virus to students they meet on the quad outside the student center. The free sanitizer will be given to as many students as possible on September 9 and 10 by the Student Government Association officers and the Presidential Hosts.

"We are doing this to make sure we get the information and sanitizer in as many student hands as possible," said Dr. David Campbell, President of NACC. "It is an educational service to our students."

Attached to the sanitizer is information on how to prevent the spread of flu or colds, such as keeping your hands clean, covering coughs and sneezes, keeping surfaces clean, staying home when sick, and getting vaccinated for flu. Medical experts say that the hands are the primary way that the flu virus is transmitted, so it is important to keep your hands clean at all times.

Dr. Joe Burke, Vice President/Dean of Instruction at NACC, serves as the Coordinator of the H1N1 Prevention Program at the College and initiated the free hand sanitizer distribution to students. For more information, contact or phone extension 320.

Students distribute free hand sanitizer
On the quad at Northeast Alabama Community College