September 3, 2009




Officials at Northeast Alabama Community College are reporting another enrollment surge at the college for the Fall Semester 2009 term. Indeed, the 3,443 students registered at the college are the most ever recorded at the school, representing a 22 percent increase over the fall of 2008-2009.


“Many community colleges throughout the nation are reporting enrollment increases due to the downturn in the economy,” stated Dr. David Campbell, NACC President. “The enrollment at Northeast is showing this effect as well and we are very pleased we can serve people with educational opportunities during these hard economic times.” Campbell clarified that the latest increases go along with the substantial enrollment gains that have been occurring at the college throughout the past several years. The college experienced a seventy percent enrollment increase from 2001 to 2008 with enrollment expanding during that time from 1,714 in the fall of the 2001-2002 academic years to this year’s record of 3,443 students. The 2007-2008 Fall Semester alone had an eleven percent increase over the previous year.


College officials attribute the college’s enrollment growth to many factors, including the  expansion and addition of courses and programs, an adult education program, greater student access to financial aid, a student loan program, greater marketing and promotions, more community involvement through events held on campus, improvements in campus facilities and grounds, the expansion of workforce development training, and dual enrollment partnerships with area high schools. “Our faculty, staff, and administrators have done an outstanding job the past several years in adding programs that now people in our area can use to start new careers and jobs,” Campbell stated.


NACC college officials state that enrollment records for the college extend back to 1975.  These records show that up until this fall the largest single enrollment was during the Winter Quarter of 1975 when 3,017 students were enrolled at the school and attending the main campus and satellite locations at high schools throughout the area. “This was when a very large number of veterans were enrolled,” stated Mr. Larry Guffey, NACC Dean of Administrative Services. “These figures were somewhat atypical in that the numbers dropped substantially after the veterans were served.”  Guffey noted that there may have been a term before 1975 when enrollment was larger than the previous record number, but the enrollment data does not exist for this era.


College officials also note that not only are there more students at the college, but they are taking more courses as well. Credit hour production at the college, in fact, increased 25 percent from 2008-2009 to 2009-2010. College officials state that an increase in credit hour production helps the college financially, particularly in this period of proration. “Our faculty and staff have worked very hard the past few years to create a schedule that helps our students register for the courses that they need at the best times for them,”  Dr. Joe Burke, NACC Vice President/Dean of Instruction said. “We have added many online courses also, and these of course help with scheduling.”


NACC officials point out that registration numbers will fluctuate to some extent between now and the end of the Fall Semester. Dean of Student Services Tonie Niblett points out that more dual enrollment students and students taking specialized courses will be added to the current numbers, while some students’ registration will not become official for various reasons.  However, it is anticipated that the final registration number should remain close to the current level.


For more information about Northeast, visit the college’s Web page at or call 638-4418 or 228-6001.


NACC students gather in the quad for a visit between classes.  These students are among the 3,443 enrolled this fall semester, the largest enrollment on record for the college. The college has had a 70 percent increase from 2001 to 2008, showing a continuous growth. Pictured (L-R) standing: Tonya Bibbs, Patricia Lambert, Josh Kidd, Rachel Monroe, Amy Spangler, and Evan King; seated: Traci Dean, Cody Padgett, Brooklyn Jones and Kevin Graden.