April 21, 2009


Mu Alpha Theta Hosts Algebra I Bowl

Mu Alpha Theta (MAT), the mathematics honor society at Northeast Alabama Community College, recently hosted an Algebra I Bowl on campus for students from DeKalb, Jackson, and Cherokee Counties. Parents, sponsors, students, and guests were treated to refreshments provided by the Mu Alpha Theta sponsors and officers.

Students took a written exam, with the highest overall score earned by two students: Patrick Monroe of Pisgah High School and Sinh Nguyen of Plainview High School. These two students tied with 26 of 30 correct answers and two of three correct tie breaker answers. The 2008-09 Mu Alpha Theta Officers presented each student with a cash award to be applied toward the purchase of a graphing calculator, a certificate, and a bag of M&Ms (because Math Matters). Section High School was recognized as the school with the most participants and their students were presented with a new TI83+ graphing calculator from Mu Alpha Theta, valued at one hundred twenty dollars, for the school’s math department.

While the students took the exam, parents, sponsors, and guests were treated to a college prep presentation conducted by Tonie Niblett, Dean of Student Services, and Winnie Yates, Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Student Services. Coordinators of the Algebra I Bowl are the 2008-09 Mu Alpha Theta officers and sponsors: Haley Pittman (president), Francisco Manuel (vice president), Maria Juan (secretary), Mike Fann (parliamentarian), Greg Millican (sponsor), and Sharon Totten (sponsor). Newly elected 2009-10 officers also assisted with the event: Morgan Justice (president-elect), Katelyn Hatfield (vice-president elect), April Ivey (secretary-elect), and Bradley Mitchell (treasurer-elect).

For more information on the Math program and MAT at NACC, contact Greg Millican at 638-4418 or 228-6001, ext. 408, or by e-mail at

At the Algebra I Bowl were (L-R) Francisco Manuel, Mu Alpha Theta Vice President; Patrick Monroe of Pisgah High School, co-winner of highest score; Sinh Nguyen of Plainview High School, co-winner of highest score; and Haley Pittman, Mu Alpha Theta President.
Winners show their prizes, congratulated by Mu Alpha Theta officers