May 7, 2014


Huntingdon College Degree Completion at Northeast

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Students at Northeast Alabama Community College will soon have a new option for completing their bachelor’s degrees. In partnership with NACC, Huntingdon College will offer its Adult Degree Completion Program (ADCP) Bachelor of Science in Business Management, Bachelor of Science in Business Management with Health Management Concentration, and Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice at the NACC campus. Students who are majoring in criminal justice at Northeast will be able to complete their bachelor’s degrees by attending classes one night a week in five-week terms, with classes located conveniently at NACC.

On April 10, 15 students from Northeast’s CRJ program met with Chip Tucker, site coordinator for Huntingdon’s ADCP, to learn more about the partnership’s seamless transition from an associate’s degree to a bachelor’s degree. Tucker emphasized that Huntingdon College designed ADCP to be “life-friendly” for working students with family responsibilities.

“I love the concept Huntingdon College brings to the Northeast campus,” said Brent Satterfield, advisor and instructor of criminal justice for NACC. “[The program] allows students to continue their education in a familiar place that is close to home. Our students, both those with an associate’s degree and those with an applied associate’s degree, can take full advantage of this Huntingdon College program.”

“Instructor Brent Satterfield has done a masterful job of preparing these students for the next step, whether that means a direct move into law enforcement or into a bachelor’s degree program,” said Tucker. “For students who want to take the next step toward a bachelor’s degree, I see our program as a strong finish to a strong start. These students have jobs and families and all of the responsibilities that go with them. It would be difficult, if not impossible, for these students to transfer to schools that would require them to relocate or to travel a great distance to get to class. Huntingdon ADCP allows students at Northeast to seek their desired degrees without compromising their families.”

“The program also provides an ‘in classroom’ experience with face-to-face instruction, a teaching methodology to which Huntingdon College is committed,” said Tucker. Smaller classes in an accelerated format provide a learning environment that addresses not only a student-centered approach but also the need of these students to finish their degrees in a timely manner. On average, according to Tucker, students can fulfill their degree requirements in approximately two years while going to class one night each week, completing a course in just five weeks. “Huntingdon is committed to the students at Northeast and will stick with them all the way through graduation,” he added. “ADCP is win-win because students get the degree they need and the community retains their own.”

Nine NACC CRJ students have applied for admission to Huntingdon College. They may begin classes this summer or fall. “I encourage all my current and former students to look into this program offered by Huntingdon College. I think it’s an excellent option for them,” said Satterfield.

Students interested in Huntingdon College ADCP should contact Chip Tucker by phone at 334-328-6774 or by email at

To contact Brent Satterfield at NACC, call ext. 2304 or email him at

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