May 22, 2014


Educational Technology Conference Held

Education technology is featured in Northeast Alabama Community College’s new Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Technology Center, which opens for student use at the college on May 27, 2014, with the beginning of the Summer Semester. Northeast faculty and staff were getting the latest information on that technology this week with a workshop held on campus as a part of the college’s In-service professional development.

The workshop, organized by NACC Educational Technology Director Patricia Combs, brought in experts from Apple, Blackboard, Howard Pearson, and NBC Learn as well as eBook publishers Cengage Learning, McGraw Hill, and Wolters Kluwer to conduct sessions for NACC faculty and staff.  NACC personnel also gave demonstrations on how they use the new technology. Sessions included iPad Productivity, Web 2.0 Tools, Blackboard Collaborate, Flipping the Classroom, Using Elmo and Starboard, and applications of the AS400/Green Screen.

NACC President Dr. David Campbell stated: “The basics of education is like it has always been. Teachers provide learning opportunities to their students, and the support staff provides assistance to students to help them complete their program of study. However, now there are so many new delivery modes that can be used in education, and most of these are in educational technology. While the goals of education are still the same, the methods of providing that education have expanded tremendously. Our workshop today is focused on helping inform our faculty and staff of the delivery modes that are out there and to build on what they already know. Ms. Combs and our staff have worked hard and done a great job in putting this workshop together.”

The college’s new Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Center is a state-of-the art facility complete with the latest educational technology. The Center is served by both Wi-fi and ground line Internet services, which can be accessed by instructors through computers and projectors for classroom presentations. All classrooms and labs are equipped with Smart boards, Wimba, and Blackboard services. Officials at Northeast selected science, mathematics, and engineering fields for building expansion because of the great job growth that is anticipated in these STEM fields in the future. 

The Center, Campbell noted, was designed to be very student and instructor friendly.  “The Center is a teaching/learning facility, and that was our focus in designing it,” Campbell said. “Our faculty and educational administrative staff were involved in determining what designs and features would work best for student learning, and I think that is reflected in the final product.” The company of Seay, Seay, and Litchfield were the architects for the project, and First Team Construction was the General Contractor.

A formal dedication for the building is set for June 19, 2014, at 10:00 a.m., and the public is invited. Tours of the facility will be available. 

For additional information about Northeast, contact the college’s web page at or download the NACC free App at the Apple Store or Registration for the Summer term continues through Wednesday, May 28, 2014. For information about enrolling at Northeast for the Fall Semester 2014 call the Admissions Office at ext. 2222.


Left, Matt Dyson, Audio-Visual Instructional Sales Engineer with Howard Computers; center, Patricia Combs, NACC Educational Technology Director; and right, Rusty Thoms, Sales Representative with Howard Computers.

Director of Educational Technology converses with Howard Computers representatives at Technology Conference.

At left, top, Brad Beecher, Director of Solutions Engineering, and seated, Jesse Girardi, Senior Enterprise Account Manager, of BlackBoard give a presentation to faculty and staff.
Blackboard technologies instruction given to faculty.