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Description of Theatre Classes


                                                Degree Requirements for Associate in Arts: Theatre

                                                                                                                  Theatre Home

THR 120. Theatre Appreciation (3 Hours)
This course is designed to increase appreciation of contemporary theatre. Emphasis is given to the theatre as an art form through the study of history and theory of drama and the contributions to modern media. Emphasis of playwright, actor, director, designer, and technician to modern media. Attendance at theatre production may be required.

Scenic construction techniques and execution of stage lighting via
lectures, demonstrations, and practical application. Emphasis in tools,
materials, and procedure.

THR 126. Introduction to Theatre (3 Hours)
This course is designed to teach the history of theatre and the principles of drama. It also covers the development of theatre production and the study of selected plays as theatrical presentations. (Core)

THR 131. Acting Techniques 1 (3 Hours)
This is the first of a two-course sequence in which the student will focus on the development of the body and voice as the performing instruments in acting. Emphasis is placed on pantomime, improvisation, acting exercises, and building characterizations in short acting scenes.

THR 132. Acting Techniques 2 (3 Hours)
Prerequisite: THR 131 (This course is a continuation of THR 131.)

THR 113-114-115. Theatre Workshop (2 Hours)
These courses provide practical experience in the production and performance of a dramatic presentation with assignments in scenery, lighting, props, choreography, sound, costumes, makeup, publicity, acting, directing, and other aspects of theatre production.

THR 213-214-215. Theatre Workshop 4-5-6. (2 Hours)
Prerequisite: THR 115 (These courses are a continuation of THR 113-114-115.)

This course is a study of the materials and techniques of theatrical

THR 236. Stagecraft (3 Hours)
This course is a study of the principles, techniques, and materials in theatrical scenery and lighting.

THR 296 Directed Studies in Theatre (2 Hours)
This course deals with problems in theatre and art management. Problems may be arranged in conjunction with other disciplines in the fine arts. It is a TBA research course which means it can be arranged to suit your schedule.