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Why join NACC Theatre?
Live theatre awakens a passion inside of all of us!  We have all seen and felt something when attending a performance...an excitement, a magic, a passion.  Even audience members feel the thrill of the pulsing heartbeat of the art of live theatre.  However, when you make the magic happen yourself, the thrill is intensified tenfold.  At NACC Theatre, not only do you get to experience this passion, but you are provided with an incredible opportunity to work in an environment that promotes a sense of family and friendship like no other educational/community theatre.  You may be interested in majoring in theatre, or you may already be a student.  We offer an Associate in Arts Theatre degree that would put you on a path to earning that Bachelor's degree.  We are not just a "learning theatre," but a "performing theatre" with opportunities for virtually any student interested in participating in a richly rewarding college or community experience.

How can I join NACC Theatre?
From sewing costumes, set building, ushering, assisting with sound and lighting, to publicity, acting, singing, dancing, and choreography, we want and need more of YOU to get involved. From this list of choices, even those of you who are too shy to enter the spotlight of the stage, can find a place to experience the magic that is NACC Theatre. Who knows….you may find a hidden, inner child who is dying to stand in that spotlight, or you may just be content to stand in the background, feeling the pulse of this great art, live theatre, running through your veins. Either way we would love to have you as a part of our family!

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