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English and fine arts division 

Art Department
English Department
Music Department
Theatre Department

"Participate in your education.
Speak up in class,
write in the margins;
the margins of the world
await your notation."
            - - -Billy Collins

The English and Fine Arts Division of Northeast Alabama Community College includes the following departments:  Art, English, Music, and Theatre. Each of these disciplines has its own faculty and offers its own major program.

The English and Fine Arts Division offers the College Transfer Program which leads students to an Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, or Associate in General Education degree.  These degrees may be pursued on an online, day, and/or evening schedule.  The division also offers the general education core courses of written composition and humanities and fine arts for the Associate in Applied Science degree.

Division Chair:    Joan Reeves
English Building 107
Office phone:     
(256) 638-4418, ext. 2231
P.O. Box 159, Rainsville, AL  35986

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