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April 24, 2008


Humor is the great thing, the saving thing. The minute it crops up, all our irritations and resentments slip away and a sunny spirit takes their place.

                                                                                                 ~ Mark Twain ~

Harris Finally Acknowledged

George Washington Harris, folklorist and creator of the irreverent and politically improper character Sut Lovingood, now rests in an appropriately marked grave in Trenton, GA.  Sigma Kappa Delta national president Jill Chadwick, Executive Director Dr. Sheila Byrd, and former SKD board member Dr. Randy Cross traveled to Trenton last Sunday to dedicate this gorgeous monument at the gravesite in Brock Cemetery.  Approximately 175 people attended the ceremony, including representatives from Theta Beta and Epsilon Alpha chapters of SKD.

Trenton Mayor Anthony Emanuel welcomed the group and expressed the state’s appreciation for this tribute to one of its most renowned citizens.  Since SKD’s recognition of Harris, the city plans to erect a plaque at Harris’s Trenton homesite. 

Other speakers at the ceremony included John Bayne, author and researcher of graves of famous persons; Phil Wirey, genealogy researcher; and Dr. Thomas Inge, Randolph-Macon College professor and George Washington Harris scholar; and three generations of Harris descendents.

Sigma Kappa Delta is proud of this contribution to the preservation of literary history.  Not often do today’s students have opportunities to participate in such  noteworthy and everlasting events.

More pictures of the ceremony will be on our website, within the week.  There will be pictures with all obelisk inscriptions on the website.  Be sure to check them out, and you’ll be proud of your part in this historic marker, too!

We Welcome Our 83rd Chapter !

Lambda Delta Chapter

Kansas City Kansas Community College

Sponsor: Adam Hadley –


OG Provides Community Service

Ever mindful that to whom much is given, much is expected, Omicron Gamma, North Lake College’s chapter of SKD, came to the aid of a struggling Dallas mother, whose serious health issues necessitated her early retirement and compelled her to have to move into public housing.


Mrs. Vera Landry Moore’s story began in late January, 2008, when she returned from work, fatigued.  She decided to take a nap, but awoke late into the night, with strong chest pains.  She managed to drive herself to the nearest hospital, where the physicians discovered that only one of her four heart chambers were operating, and the fourth, at only 10%.  She underwent emergency surgery, and a pacemaker was installed.  She is slowly regaining her strength, but her road to recovery is a long and an arduous one.  SKD students made Mrs. Vera Landry Moore the beneficiary of part of their fund-raising efforts this year.  SKD member John Thomason and sponsor Dr. Phyllis Elmore traveled to Mrs. Moore’s home to present her with a $120.00 Wal-Mart food gift certificate.


A college-educated woman who also holds a graduate degree, Mrs. Moore intends to become an ambassador to promote heart health and education, particularly in women.  SKD was honored to have Mrs. Moore was the special guest at the spring induction ceremony.


Omicron Gamma students also made a donation to USO Care Packages, to support four of the brave men and women serving in the Iraq and Afghanistan.

                                                                                                              ~ Phyllis Elmore~


OG Spring Induction


Omicron Gamma chapter at North Lake College held spring induction April 19.  Inductees were administered the oath of membership by Dr. Phyllis Elmore, chapter sponsor, and Dr. Ulanda Forbess, co-sponsor.


Guest speaker Dr. Phyllis Bridges of Texas Woman’s University, Denton, TX, challenged inductees to intentionally embrace “necessary contraditions” in their personal and academic lives, to accept nothing uncritically, and to otherwise agitate for good in an oftentimes unpleasant world.


SKD member John Thomason  also spoke on the 2007-2008 national theme “unnecessary contraditions” while member Kathryn McAdams presented a multi-media explication of the signs and symbols of SKD.


Omicron Gamma also presented two new awards this year thanks to the sponsorship of Victor Elmore, Dr. Phyllis Elmore’s spouse.  The Expect Excellence Leadership Award went to John Thomason for his vision, his insistence on excellence, and his solid commitment to the goals of the chapter and national organization.  Kathryn McAdams received the Keeping the Promise Award for her dependability, follow-through, and perennial good humor by fulfilling the duties of recording secretary with emphasis on our motto, Sincerity, Knowledge, Design.

                                              ~Thanks to Phyllis Elmore for the picture and information~



Alpha Zeta Chapter

Navarro College


Xi Alpha Chapter

Lincoln College, Normal


Zeta Delta Chapter

University of Wisconsin, Fox Valley


Epsilon Gamma Chapter

Luzerne County Community College



To say life at the national office has been busy lately would be an understatement; life has been frantic.  Thanks to the vigorous work on behalf of you sponsors, we have had an influx of requests for new members and for honor cords the last few weeks.  This activity indicates that our organization is growing!!  We love it!!!  We’ll take frantic over stagnant any day.

Please remember that your end-of-the-year reports are due  MAY 5.   Also note that one of the criteria for being an Ivy Chapter this year is that the chapter makes at least

a $25 contribution to the Harris Project, due at the time the year-end report is sent. 


Also remember to check out our website ( for pictures from the Louisville conference and the soon-to-be-posted pictures of the Harris ceremony.


Dr. Cross read beautifully from Sut Lovingood (no easy task!) at Sunday’s ceremony.  The humor of Harris’s character had the audience in stitches and created a happy light-hearted atmosphere that I’m sure Harris approved of.  Let us find humor daily so that our spirits remain sunny.  Both Harris and Twain will be smiling if we do, and we will all have fewer wrinkles. ;o)




Until next week,

Jan Anderson

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