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Study Skills

Study Skills Seminars are given every semester on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. These hour-long sessions offer help on various topics and have been rated as "excellent" by students who attended. See Study Skills Seminars.
Individual assistance with study skills may be obtained by contacting Shirley Buttram, Director of Developmental Studies, in Office 113 of the Student Center.


Academic advisement is offered by the Director of Developmental Studies, the Office of Admissions and Student Services, instructors, and advisors.


Learning Styles Inventories, Math Anxiety CD-Rom, and computer software information are available in Office 113 SC, Director of Developmental Studies.

Career Development

Information about career development is available in Office 113 Student Center, Director of Developmental Studies.

Test Preparation

For free online practice for standardized tests (Compass, CLEP, etc.), go to Test Prep Review.

Below-Skill Level Assistance

ITTS tutorials: Log in at
If you do not have a username/password, contact Shirley Buttram
at ext. 2257, room SC 113, or