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Alabama Career Center System

Rainsville Career Center

Job Search
Tuition Assistance
Resume Preparation
Free Computer Workshops
Internet Accessible Computers

We are a full-service Alabama Career Center, providing training assistance to eligible participants through the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and TRA/TAA (Trade Act-related) funding. We also provide a full-service job listing site (formerly known as just the Employment Office) that allow us to assist job seekers and employers alike. On top of that is a free-to-use resource room that provides 10 internet-accessible computers with Microsoft Office software that students and others may use for school or job search activities. We are here to help the people of this campus and community to go to school and get to work a little better.   


Where:  NACC campus

Phone:  256-638-2239

When:  Monday thru Friday 7:45-4:45

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